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N-pack! [ Available on the Steam Workshop! ] 1.0.0

Adds in new powerful items, gear, armor, npc's, and species.

  1. Some bug fixes

    Noah Nebula

    • Some dungeon fixes
  2. Radio Messages

    Noah Nebula
    -added two radiomessages
    -and some damage balencing
  3. Balancing update

    Noah Nebula
    Changing damage values for Orbs and Gaap Prince
  4. New Boss Gaap Prince Added

    Noah Nebula
    -new dungeon
    -new boss
    -2 new block types
  5. New crew members and dungeons!

    Noah Nebula
    -added 3 new npc types for your ships crew
    -and 2 new dungeons
  6. Bugs n' other stuff that I dont remember doing...

    Noah Nebula
    Bugs n' other stuff that I dont remember doing... Its bin a while since I updated it. I just didn't post it till just now.
  7. tiny fix

    Noah Nebula
    just a tiny fix
  8. Fixes and new biome

    Noah Nebula
    -new biome added; the Corrupted biome. This biome is not found naturally! Instead, you can spawn it with the Corruption Alter.
    -fixes to the Nebulan species.
  9. Visual changes

    Noah Nebula
    -just more visual adjustments.
  10. Update

    Noah Nebula
    -visual additions and changes.
    -new weather added