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My Enternia 2.3.3b

Use alta technology to explore ionic planets and unravel the power of stardust!

  1. My Enternia 2.2.1a Patch

    This small bugfix patch is a refinement & compatibility fix for the previous version, as well as a small clean-up of outdated and deprecated files and objects.

    If you want to keep deprecated items, objects, planets, etc. - subscribe to the freshly released My Enternia - Removed Content mod!


    This update is also to celebrate the mod finally reaching five stars in Steam Workshop! ★★★★★


    Detailed changes for this version: Update 2.2.1a

    • posted a separate mod that retains any old deprecated content as a backwards-compatability feature: My Enternia - Removed Content:You can use it if you want to keep years old planets or other things that were deprecated a long time ago. More details in the mod description;
    • added the Alta Scanner to the quickbar;

    • made the mod compatible with Alta Lights placed before 2.2.1;
    • the Alta Scanner can now be found in the quickbar around the bottom of the list (note that just like most quickbar tools, it's meant to be used in the admin mode or for creative purposes, not an actual survival/rp, as it's still an item you'd have to craft first if you care about the progress):

    • added an Alta Robotics page with information split from the main Alta page to make it load faster and more reliably;
    • moved more pages to a semi-manual state - EDS, Faradea, all modding-related pages;
    • added a "cheat/creative crafting tables" section to show if an item can be accquired in admin/creative places like Tabula Rasa, Spawnable Item Pack, Ultimate Alta Station or Ultimate Alta Constructor.

    • added `README.md` files to some alta folders to help explain things, useful if you're using the modding wiki pages or are trying to understand where things re located in the mod;
    • updated most mod support files with proper links;
    • updated the main `README.md` with relevant information and some neat features;
    • moved the buildscripts slightly;

    • moved loot items from `/items/active/unsorted/ct_alta_loot/` to `/items/active/unsorted/alta/loot/`;

    • minor grammar fixes;
    • minor bug fixes.
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