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My Enternia 2.3.3b

Use alta technology to explore ionic planets and unravel the power of stardust!

  1. My Enternia 2.2: Alta Colonies

    You've finally received the first signal from nearby alta travelers! Seems like they're looking for a place to settle. If you'll make them feel at home, they will reward you with neat shinies, protect you, or even open up for trading!

    Keep in mind that a lot of deprecated items got removed in this version.

    Detailed changes for this version: Update 2.2.0

    • added 92 tenants and 2 outpost visitors;
    • added the Alta Scanner - a lore tool that will let you know extensive information about items added by this mod (and more!);
    • removed a number of deprecated items and status effects;

    • added recipes for additional armor and weapon variations to the Ultimate Crafting Station;
    • added the Alta Scanner:
      • displays extended descriptions and certain species descriptions if the item has them;
      • displays item/colony tags of all items and objects;
      • displays additional info like breakability, species and where to find the item;
      • translation to alkey;

    • added a Tenants page that lists all possible tenants added by this mod and how to spawn them;
    • made crafting notes more granular, in that they now show general tier of the crafting table needed to craft them;

    • removed oldest deprecated items and status effects that should no longer appear in the game;

    • added a /dialog/alta.config file with all npcs lines and phrases;
    • expanded the /species/alta_namegen.config file with new alta names;
    • expanded the /.meta/world.json file with a couple of words in the alkey library;
    • expanded the /items/buildscripts/ct_texts.config file with a couple of tooltip texts;

    • fixed outdated IDs in the Ayaka Loot Table loot pool;
    • minor grammar fixes;
    • minor bug fixes.
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