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My Enternia 2.3.3b

Use alta technology to explore ionic planets and unravel the power of stardust!

  1. My Enternia 2.1.3 Patch

    Finally learning more about general alta traits and special abilities, you discover and learn about their strongest sides... but also about their weaknesses.

    - added full support for the Race Traits addon;
    - added partial support for Frackin' Races/Frackin' Universe - no FU BYOS support. If you need it, you can get it here: Alta FU Patch+;
    - added 1 radiomessage;

    - updated certain manual pages;
    - fixed related resources mix-up for Ghearun & Gheatsyn codexes;
    - fixed pickup radio message support;
    - added "Alta Datamass" and "Empty Datamass" aliases to the Datamass;

    - added a radio message for ebooks;
    - added proper tags for augments and collars;
    - minor grammar fixes and wiki enhancemens;
    - fixed unlocked food recipes of food and produce;
    - fixed tags on all datamasses, docs and ebooks that have wrong tags;
    - minor bug fixes.
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