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Outdated Mutagen RPG Skills 1.0.0

Passive Character Growth

  1. Claith
    Mutagen RPG Skills [Nightly]
    by Claith

    Currently works, for the skill set given. Some issues, but performance problems are solved. Will need to unzip the file with "Mutagen" as the root folder. No interface at the moment, which is the next task, so until then, to see the skill levels, as an /admin use the /debug option. Can disable the /admin option after that if you want it on screen all the time for some reason.

    Mutagen RPG Skill mod was developed with the idea of implementing passive character growth into Starbound where a player would use a character for an extended period of time. For example, the more you run, the higher your running skill will get. The more you hide in the dark, the higher your dark walker skill will get. There are exceptions, such as jumping which levels from fall damage. This is intentional, but the fall damage reduction is not implemented yet (waiting for something), but it does increase overall jumping height. Just not as exciting as it could be.

    Many skills are desired to be implemented, but the effects may not be immediately noticeable. For version 1.1, my intention is to create an interface to allow players to see their skill levels and growth, as well as toggle effects on and off (intended to be RP friendly). Most of the skills use a base 10 log for their effects, effectively making the lower levels give a stronger gain than the higher levels, for example, the first 5 levels of a skill will give a much higher gain in effect than the last 100 levels. The level range for most skills range from 0 to 1000, where level 100 is to be considered the normal maximum and anything beyond that is a bonus. The skills that use a base 10 log, start at level 1, and the other skills use a linear scale in effect (Light Walker for example).

    Currently being uploaded in the zip format for ease of unpacking to work with. The proper release will using a modpack implementation.

    Implemented Skills:

    Running - Passive Run Speed Increase
    Walking - Passive Walk Speed Increase, a bit stronger than the Running Skill
    Jumping - Improves Jumping Ability
    Swimming - Improves Swimming Ability
    Endurance - Returns a portion of lost health
    Energy - Passive Increase to Energy Regeneration Rate
    Breath - Stall breath loss in zero oxygen environments (not correctly implemented yet)
    Dark Walker - Provides health regeneration while player is in the dark.
    Light Walker - On a prolonged cooldown, if the player is in a bright area, applies a glow effect to nearby monsters (npcs / player will come later)
    Evasion - Hybrid skills based on the average Running + Jumping skill. Intended to give those skills a stronger effect. Do not know if it works. Provides a short range random teleport and heal on a chance when hit.
    Temperature - Not implemented.

    Design Considerations:

    At the current state of the project, the server seems to get bogged down with processing tasks. I designed this mod with an object oriented approach, which I will work to remove for the next version.

    As for the skills, I can't or do not want to provide "active" skills. The idea behind that decision is two fold.
    1. Many skills that I want to implement, such as weapon specific skills, I can't tell if and when the player hits another entity using the status effect script. I'd love to be wrong, so someone tell me where to look to fix this. Internet people love pointing out wrong things. I can't add multiple jumps based on jump level, as I can't tell if a player presses the jump button or not. Things like this.
    2. I do not want to implement a skill which could cause a person in a town to attack an npc without intention. I would have made some skills make the player blow up if I didn't consider this.

    The mod's "objects" are all separate status effects at this time. They were initially applied with a script added to the player.config through a patch, but the init() and update(dt) functions in that script were causing conflicts with the player_primary.lua script for some reason. With this in mind, I was forced to overwrite the player_primary.lua script with my own, just adding 4 lines that applied the mutagenRPG status effect. Easy to update yourself for newer versions. Also, I could likely implement a lot of what I want to do with this mod through the tech abilities. At the time of the inception of this mod, I did not want to use a tech slot for it. I could work it in with a brief synopsis about finding an "ooze" container ala Ninja Turtles or something mutating the player, but I wanted it to work behind the scenes instead of actively chosen.

    I put the skill levels as statusParameters, because when a player gets put as an Admin, the resources all cap out. I can't and don't want a player to accidentally max out their levels. This can be done optionally through use of the player.config.patch file during character creation. Characters will be invalidated with the current system if played with this mod and the mod being removed. The mod has a versioning system that only works in a forward manner. If you want to remove the mod's effects from a character, the player.config.patch and modinfo file needs to stay in the mod directory, otherwise the characters will be invalidated. The scripts can go. Should work - haven't tested yet.

    In the current form of the mod, the skill levels can be seen by enabling /debug while being an admin. This is only temporary and meant for testing.


    0.9.0 - Initial Public Release
    0.9.* - Addressing performance issues
    1.0.0 - Rough Balancing and Performance Improved - not killing servers
    1.1.0 - Interface for reading skills implemented
    1.*.* - Added skills based on new ability to do so, otherwise balancing

    To Do: Make an icon for the mod. Completely forgot about that.

    Special Thanks:

    severedskullz - For assisting me when I lacked the tea to think clearly. Solved some general structural issues.

    Redistribution Rights:

    As for all of my mods, I don't really care for being asked for permission, but I do want to know which projects my mods get added to.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Redesign, no interface yet.

Recent Reviews

  1. cosmicdan
    Version: 1.0.0
    Seems cool, but has a "bar lag" issue. Air (swimming) meter has noticeable delay (bearable) along with Energy (not good), which makes guns even more useless :( It seems only visual, though it's a problem nonetheless.
  2. Moxxit
    Version: 1.0.0
    It fucks up the bars and makes them useless
    1. Claith
      Author's Response
      Bars? Can you tell me which ones and how?

      I haven't done anything with the interface with the version released here. I know the breath gauge can be slow to react (doesn't have the effect I want), but it still works. When the player takes damage, it can restore a portion of the lost health which might make it look like it blinks for a frame or so.

      My current stance is that it might be an issue or an unknown conflict with another mod, or you are using it with the wrong version. I have to check if it works with the unstable, and remove the nightly tag subsequently.
  3. teihoo
    Version: 1.0.0
    Great idea! So far seems to work fine, hopefully you'll be able to implement all the features you planned and balance it perfectly. Thanks!
    1. Claith
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the replay and rating. I keep finding what I want to do, to be more difficult than I initially think.

      I do have an idea of how I can expand the skill list into things like weapon type skills for example, but it would require a greater processing load than what is already done.

      I'll keep working on it, but the interface is coming along slowly, as I need to make some art assets. I hope, even if ugly, it will be out by the end of the weekend. End of next week at the latest. Going to be quite busy until Christmas.
  4. Maxiplayer
    Version: 1.0.0
    Very well done, this is fun to play around. Found some weird bug but still a good mod. Can't wait for next update

    1. Claith
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the comment. I'd be happy if you can tell me what the bug is. I know of some, like issues with evasion or the breathing skill, but I can't say I've tested for a long period of time. If I have time to run around casually, I have time to implement more things, so in-depth testing takes a back seat beyond the cursory skill checking.