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Murdercraft 1.6c (1.4.0)

Varied monster drops and new crafting recipes.

  1. Update to version 1.6c (1.4.0)

    -The mod now works with the latest 1.4.0 version of the game.
    -Ignored version 1.6b since it was an outdated version available in Steam.
  2. Update to version 1.6a (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -The mod now works with the latest 1.1.1 version of the game.
  3. Update to version 1.6 (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -The alcoholic drink Bloodlust now requires a bottle and will not rot. It also has a new sprite.
    -Added new creatures that will bleed in liquid form when killed: Yokat, Trictus, Quagmutt, Oogler and Nutmidgeling.
    -Removed the alternate recipe to make bandages. The recipe is now part of the new "Craftworking" mod.
  4. Update to version 1.5 (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -Land and Flying random gen monsters will now spill blood in liquid form when killed.
    -Bigger monsters will spill more blood.
    -Monsters will only drop blood in item form when killed with hunting weapons now.
    -Increased the chances for land monsters to drop Meat Chunks when killed with non hunting weapons.
    -Restored the vanilla recipe to craft Salve.
    -Added a new medicine, Healing Potion. It will slowly regenerate health and will last 90 seconds. Players under the effects of other meds and...
  5. Update to version 1.4 (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -Fixed a bug with bandages, which was making them unable to be crafted.
    -Flying monsters now have a chance to drop an Egg.
    -Added a new campfire recipe to turn an Egg into a Hard Boiled Egg.
    -Gleaps now have a chance to drop Glowing Fibre.
    -Added a new recipe to craft Flesh Strands from 1 Meat Chunks and 1 Gelatin.
    -Added new creatures that will bleed in liquid form when killed: Agrobat, Apex Mutant and Crustoise.
    -Salve has a different sprite. It looks a bit more like a homemade medicine now.
  6. Update to version 1.3 (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -Added a new food/material, Gelatin. It can be crafted from meat chunks at campfires. It can be eaten but it's best used in crafting other items.
    -Gleaps and Moontants might drop Gelatin when killed.
    -Added a new craftable dessert, Apple Gelatin. It requires 1 Gelatin and 1 Apple.
    -The recipe for Salve now requires 1 Plant Fibre and 1 Gelatin.
    -The recipe for Bandages now require 1 Salve and 1 Woven Fabric.
    -Added a new craftable drink, Bloodlust. It's a bloodwine crafted from 1 Pussplum and...
  7. Update to version 1.2 (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -Blood and Water can mix now to create Bloodied Water. It's a transparent red water with no current crafting uses.
    -Blood and Healing Liquid will create Healing Blood when mixed. Same properties than Healing Liquid but it's blood colored and glows red.
    -Added new creatures that will bleed in liquid form when killed: Batong, Bobfae, Poptop, Adult Poptop, Mother Poptop, Capricoat, Hemoglobin Parts, Scaveran and Rex.
    -Big unique creatures will bleed a lot more when killed than small ones....
  8. Update to version 1.1 (Cheerful Giraffe)

    -Added a new monster drop, Meat Chunks. It drops when killing monsters with non hunting weapons.
    -Added a new food item, Meatball. It's cooked from Meat Chunks and feed less than Cooked Steaks.
    -Added a new monster drop, Raw Heart. Can be dropped by either flying or land fleshy monsters.
    -Added a new food item, Cooked Heart. It feeds a little more than Cooked Steaks.
    -Added a new food item, Bonemeal. It feeds very little but it doesn't rot. It will be used in recipes in future updates....