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Outdated Multispecies: Mistfen Race 1.1

Update in progress! One down, three to go.

  1. Mistfens are back!

    Long time no see. The Mistfen race is now updated for Upbeat Giraffe. I will eventually get the other races updated as well.

    Wrecking balls and flamethrowers have been redesigned.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Also, new staves.

    In the future, the other races will be updated one by one. Also, custom foods and biomes will also return in a new mod independent of this one.

    • ...
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  2. More snow dragon items

    Here's the other half of the snow dragon progression update. Sorry about changing the file names again while tweaking mod loading order. This is likely the last time I change the names.

    This update adds new throwable items, and each one can be filled with each extract.

    Each one has a different...
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  3. Snow dragon overhaul, part 1

    A big update this time, especially for the snow dragons. The new progression is not yet complete, but it is playable.

    It also seems this mod has just reached 1000 downloads. Thanks everyone!

    Names of .modpak files have been changed to better reflect the pak.modinfo name and loading order, so delete the mss[species].modpak files when installing this update.

    Lore Changes
    The Snowstrife race has been renamed to snow dragons now, and lore and codices have been...
  4. New crafting stations, flamethrowers, balance changes, and more

    Big update. I wanted to stuff in even more, specifically new Snowstrife crafting stations, but I've been holding off on this update for too long.

    I have switched over to the .modpak format. Please delete previous versions of this mod before installing this update!

    New Stations
    The Brick Blending Station has been added, which will be a useful tool for...
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  5. Raptor Tech

    Please update all folders when installing this version.

    For you alien cats in the universe, there is now a durasteel tiered Raptor tech. This allows you to run really fast, and also glide. To learn the recipe, use the Starmap MK4.

    Additionally, Nayla can now craft antennas, which give non-Nayla the ability to use Nayla techs. Give them to your friends! In the future, this...
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  6. Compatibility bug fix

    Fixed a typo in the Core folder that would make this mod incompatible with Frackin' Flora. (Forgot the s in tiles folder name)
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  7. Flamenco Villages


    This update focuses on the Flamenco race. Only the Core and Flamenco folders have been modified.
    Flamenco villages have been added. There are also a few lore books and some recipes you can find in the bookcases. Additionally, you can find builder merchants that sell instant houses, and also the construction table itself, allowing for non-flamencos to obtain these items.

    Also, more...
  8. Small fix

    • Foods have been renamed to avoid conflicts with other food mods.
    • Fixed broken spear sounds.
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