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Outdated Multispecies: Mistfen Race 1.1

Update in progress! One down, three to go.

  1. More snow dragon items

    Here's the other half of the snow dragon progression update. Sorry about changing the file names again while tweaking mod loading order. This is likely the last time I change the names.

    This update adds new throwable items, and each one can be filled with each extract.

    Each one has a different effect. Here's a cave lit with a glowing grenade:

    • Some new dialogue lines for snow dragons to go with the changes in lore.
    • Added glass dagger, an iron tier throwable that can be filled with extracts.
    • Added glass javelin, a steel tier throwable that can be filled with extracts.
    • Finished grenade capsule, a titanium tier throwable. Can now be filled with all extracts. Vanilla grenades are no longer craftable.
    • A few new hair styles for snow dragons.
    • Mod loading order is changed. Biomes have been split into a separate mod to be loaded last. The rest of the .modpaks has returned to a more "normal" loading order.
    • Reverted to previous version of produce, since the changes seemed particular to Frackin' Flora. The mod loading order change will allow Frackin' to properly overwrite my plants with its versions.
    • Fossil shape station and its craftables have been moved to Core mod, to make them available with the alternative non-racial with Tabula Rasa installation option.
    • Survival crafting table renamed to snow dragon crafting table.
    • Tweaked snow dragon running animation and face.
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