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Outdated Multispecies: Mistfen Race 1.1

Update in progress! One down, three to go.

  1. Snow dragon overhaul, part 1

    A big update this time, especially for the snow dragons. The new progression is not yet complete, but it is playable.

    It also seems this mod has just reached 1000 downloads. Thanks everyone!

    Names of .modpak files have been changed to better reflect the pak.modinfo name and loading order, so delete the mss[species].modpak files when installing this update.

    Lore Changes
    The Snowstrife race has been renamed to snow dragons now, and lore and codices have been revised. The codices will only update for NEW characters.

    New Crafting Stations
    • Added Survival Crafting Table for the snow dragon race. Various things can be crafted here, such as throwables and stims, as well as the organic extractor, filling machine, and rock crusher.
    • Added Rock Crusher, which crushes cobblestone into gravel, and gravel into sand. This saves you from having to visit a desert to obtain glass. (You're a snow dragon.)
    • Added Organic Extractor, which extracts from most food items. There are ten different extracts to discover. Frackin Flora plants are supported.
    • Added Filling Machine, which combines extracts with items to make new items. Each extract has a different effect.
      • Boost Pack - A wearable back item. Each extract gives it a different effect.
      • Gel cube - Provides various bonuses when eaten. Lots of these effects can stack, so if you have enough resources, you can get some crazy buffs.
      • Empty Grenade Capsule (NOT COMPLETE) - You can craft plasma, electro, and gas grenades. It's not hard to figure out which extracts make which at the moment.
    New plants:
    • Melodistar. Found on asteroid fields and moons (underground).
    • Minkocoa pod. Found in forest, jungle, and savannah biomes.
    • Little good berry. Found in forest and jungle biomes.
    • Shiny acorn. Found in forest biomes.
    • Wubstem. Found in hydro biomes.
    Other Changes
    • Added Hydro detached biome. Can only appear on tentacle and ocean planets. You won't encounter this biome often.
    • Added Avali Tent as a construction table craftable, based from Avali Race Mod. The recipe is unlocked on picking up nanocanvas thus only being possible to obtain with the Avali installed.
    • Added Purified Energy Stim.
    • Added a recipe for chocolate using minkocoa pod. (Works alongside other chocolate recipes.)
    • Added craftable blocks: chocolate block, link tile, hard crystionite, soft crystionite, pressurized brick
    • New snow dragons start with a survival crafting table in their ship locker.
    • Updated biscorn, energiflower, blizzberry, fishtato, leafshell, rockroot to Frackin Flora's modifications for mod consistency.
    • Changed sweetshell to use little good berry.
    • Changed churro to use minkocoa pod.
    • Tweaked distributions of rockroot plant.
    • Increased energy regen modifier of Nayla dimetrodon sail.
    • Snow Dragon Flight tech is crafted at the survival crafting table.
    • Fossil sand can be smelted for fossils.

    • Nayla dimetrodon sail now moves up and down with player.
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