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MTN (More Than Necessary) 1.2.0

Manages custom maps. Allows for greater modding flexibility (i.e. Farmhouse anywhere, 4+ players).

  1. Gamemx
    !!This mod only works for Stardew Valley 1.3 (beta)!!

    MTN (More Than Necessary) allows map makers more creative freedom by granting the ability to move all previous structures that were static in nature. This includes the Farm house, Green house, Grandpa's Memorial, the farm cave, the starting Shipping Bin, and the mailbox. Moving these items with the aid of MTN allows them to remain functional. In addition, MTN overrides warps of existing maps. This allows map makers to make a custom farm map without needing to edit the .tbin of neighboring maps if they were to move the entry/exit points of the farm.

    MTN also manages custom farm maps, creating more GUI elements within creation of new games to select not just the canon 5 farm maps, but additional, custom farm maps as well. Map makers do not need to override existing farm maps anymore. Total freedom!

    Lastly, MTN allows for the creation of more than 3 cabins, granting more than 3 friends per game. Existing maps can also have cabins injected into them (via extraCabins.xml). No need to modify the canon 5 or your save file if you want more friends to play!

    MTN comes packaged with my custom farm, Community Farm. This map demonstrates the use of MTN. It is a large farm (156 by 156 tiles) that allows you and up to 9 friends to play on.


    Some Technical stuff:
    Each custom farm map is read in by separated folders in \MTN\Maps\ that include a file called "farmType.xml". The xml file is mostly straightforward, with the exclusion of farmHouse and Greenhouse. <placement> pertains to where the Farm House / Green House to be drawn. <warp> pertains to where the player will end up at on the farm when the exit path is taken.<id> Should be set to a value higher than 5, but not override existing id values. A template is included in the mod files. The mod uses Harmony.


    Limitations on very large maps:

    Stardew Valley is built with XNA game studio. This framework limits the size of the map to 10000 by 10000 pixels (156 by 156 tiles, since each tile is scaled upward to 64 by 64 pixels). Having a map larger than this can cause strange behaviors to occur or may not be rendered at all. If a larger map is desired, consider splitting it up into multiple maps.


    Technical Documentations for Other mods:

    MTN patches the following methods:
    CharacterCustomization - draw: This method is partically modified to generate additional GUI elements to allow for 5+ farm maps.
    FarmHouse - Constructor: This is done to give map makers the ability to generator the furniture layout for custom farm maps.
    Farm - checkAction: This method is partically modified. This is done to give map makers the ability to move the shipping bin.
    Farm - draw: This method is completely rewritten and taken over. This grants the ability to place and render the farm house, green house, statue, shipping bin and mailbox at different locations.
    GameLocation - loadObjects: This method is completely rewritten and taken over. This is to gain control over debris (for no debris option) and cabins (to inject cabins into existing maps, where tiles maybe lacking)

    Other methods have minor alterations.


    Found a bug? Have suggestions or questions? Feel free to contact me on Stardew Valley Discord, SgtPickles#6747

    Version 1.0.5:
    -Several Bug Fixes:
    --Rendering issues during Multiplayer has been fixed (Custom maps now synchronize rendering positions).
    --Resolved issue with warps when farm house was upgraded.
    --Resolved map property in Community Farm which left the greenhouse inaccessible.
    --The Greenhouse will properly teleport the player to the front door when leaving.
    --Robin now works on the house when upgrading
    --Players should now warp where the farm house is now after events. Not where it originally was.(*)

    -Map Makers no longer need to specify the "layerDepth/renderLayer" of the greenhouse/farmhouse.

    (*) There is a number of warp references for this, but they should have been tackled. Contact me if otherwise.
    Version 1.0.0:
    -Map Makers can move and place the structures as they so please:
    --Farm house
    --Green house
    --Farm Cave
    --Mail box
    --Shipping Bin
    --Entry/Exit points of the farm
    -Map makers can set the starting furniture layout as desired with their custom farm map.
    -Map makers can enable/disable monsters spawning on the farm.
    -Players can start off with no debris on any farm map.
    -Adds Community Farm within the package, a custom farm map.


    Known Issues:
    - Right arrow button disappears at Cabins = 3, but allows to be clicked regardless.
    - Right arrow button does not disappear when Cabins = 9, as it should.
    - Buttons aren't highlighting (But they are working).
    - Buttons are highlighting incorrectly after scrolling.
    - Scroll bar seems slightly off.

    To do:
    - Resolve Known Issues
    - Allow for other maps to be loaded and "placed inbetween" existing maps (not just farm maps).
    - Allow custom FarmHouse map (without overriding the canon of course)

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.


    1. nodebris.png
    2. release.png
    3. release1.png
    4. release2.png
    5. release3.png
    6. release4.png
    7. Farm_Community.png

Recent Updates

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  2. MTN 1.1 is here!
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