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MrPigeon's Halberds Release

New type of random-generated weapons with it's own combo!

  1. Release!

    This update's changes are small but important.
    I fixed some bugs, added some blades and a new ability!
  2. Some Final Things

    Things I need to be done before releasing the mod.
    Small but important update!
    • Added 5 new blades.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented halberds from spawning in chests!*
    • Slightly changed combo's damage multipliers.
    *You don't need to create a new character to apply this to your universe. Just fly to a new planet!
  3. Ultimate Power!

    This update adds two last tiered halberds. And yes, they are with energy blades![​IMG]
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  4. Compatibility and More!

    This patch fixes incompatibility with Classical Weaponry by Vinderex and adds two more tiered halberds.
    All item IDs have changed! For more information read the tread.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  5. Things I Forgot To Do

    Some small changes:
    • Iron Halberd now looks like iron
    • Iron Halberd now is really balanced
    • Added Tungsten Halberd
    • Slightly decreased cooldown after performing all combo
    [​IMG] [​IMG]