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[MR] Mad Doctors Experiments 2 [SB 1.1] Version 1.8

Various Experimental Code commented to help modders

  1. Universe Flag, Radiomessages, Entity Scans

    The | Suit
    3 New experiments dealing with Universe Flag
    Also using Radio messages and Universe 4 scans entities and causes an action.
  2. Universe Flag

    The | Suit
    This test to see how the universe flag works and its limitations.
  3. Full Suit Experiment 2

    The | Suit
    So in this Experiment I am looking to improve upon the basic Proof of Concept.
    In order to fix issues with the initial design.
  4. Active Item Experiment

    The | Suit
    So in this experiment I am trying to see the basic foundations of how active items work.
    It is a progressive multi part series of creating a functional advanced flashlight from the ground up through Lua.
  5. Data Storage Experiment 3 - Weapon Status Effect Experiment 2.

    The | Suit
    In Data Storage - 3
    We look at complex data storage and retrieval directly in the JSON File.
    This will allow modders to be able to make complex configuration options available to other other modders for sake of compatibility.

    Weapon Status Effects Test - 2
    In this test Alberto looks at applying a status effect only when energy is drained.
  6. Full Suit Mod

    The | Suit
    In this experiment - a status effect is applied when only when the full set is worn. Otherwise nothing gets applied.

    Also the order in which you apply the space suit is important. Chest and Legs should be placed on the character before the helmet.

    If all 3 placed and in the correct order your character turns blue.
  7. Weapon applying status effects to Wielder

    The | Suit
  8. Liquid Furnace

    The | Suit
    In this experiment I wanted to try and make an object produce an item based on the type of liquid it is submerged in.

    In this example the object only produces an item in water. In every other liquid it should produce money instead.