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More Tiles and Greebles V3.33

Extra Titanium to Executive tiles and decorative objects

  1. Storm_UK
    Can be found on Steam Workshop here.

    This mod adds a number of new tiles and 'greeble' decorative objects which are produced on the Industrial Workbench to match vanilla furniture themes which include:
    • Titanium
    • Durasteel
    • Serene
    • Geometric
    • Wave
    • Opulent
    • Doom
    • Executive
    Each of these tiers have Panels, Reinforced Glass, Windows, Supports, Beams, Girders, and Platforms. Recipes are included for the furniture from these themes. The mod also slightly revises how platforms and girders are tiled ingame which I think is in a more pleasing manner.

    An additional Solaris style is also included, with bed, light and door objects currently.

    They all also have a number of Greeble objects which are purely decorative but can each be placed in a variety of different ways depending on the tiles the greeble 'anchors' to and via the placing players movement.

    Below are older picture thumbnails for each of these tiers for most of the said tiles alongside gravpads and gravrings from my graviton elevators mod.

    If you'd like to be creative with these new tiles and greebles I'd love to see screenshots posted to this mods discussion thread! You may see your designs moved to this mods Overview here with credits! Feedback also much appreciated!

    Titanium, Durasteel and Serene

    Geometric, Wave and Opulent

    Doom and Executive
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.

Recent Updates

  1. Bed patch
  2. Solaris object corrections
  3. Geometric sloped tile fix

Recent Reviews

  1. robots+pixels
    Version: V3.33
    This mod looks absolutely amazing, and the comments give it an even more inviting aura. But the problem remains: is there a version for mac? If not, are there any other mods like this that can work with mac? Thank you for your time. :)
  2. MasterXYZ
    Version: V3.32
    Awesome mod but there is one little bug: there are two Solaris beds and one of them is using the Serene recipe, but there is no Serene bed... Could you please fix it?
    1. Storm_UK
  3. миии
    Version: V3.32
  4. scips28
    Version: V3.2
    Great mod, just what i needed for my underground lab
  5. DGRVF
    Version: V3
    good one
  6. SkeithStone
    Version: V2.1
    Awesome mod, really useful if you want to build any kind of base.
  7. orcas200
    Version: V2.1
    Great mod :D Works with the underground base that I had in mind
  8. Davias1997
    Version: V2.06
  9. qualiyah
    Version: V2.04
    Very pretty artwork. Adds some much-needed variety and building options.
  10. liuqiba
    Version: V2.02
    great! let me try