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Outdated [More Sushi Mod] MSM [Outdated] Beta v. Spirited Giraffe

Adds more sushi varieties to the game!

  1. Sake texture update

    • updated the sake texture
  2. Ginger error fix

    -Ginger no longer crashes the game
  3. Ginger, Sake, and more!

    -Added Ginger crop
    • Added Gari [pickled ginger]
    • Added Sake [for sale in the terramart]
    • Added Tako Maki, Tako Nigiri, and Tako Tamaki
    -Added rawtentacle to the Terra Mart for purchase
    -Added vinegar which can be obtained at Terra Mart for purchase [until future updates]

  4. Unagi Update

    Requested by- thakyZ

    • Unagi Nigiri
    • Unagi Maki
    • Unagi Tamaki