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More CrittersNScenery 2.0 official release

Adds new scenery and 170+ new catchable critters to various biomes

  1. Peaceful Monsters underground

    The Peaceful Monsters module now makes monsters spawn peacefully underground.
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  2. More dactyls

    Added two more varieties of dactyl: magma, and toxic.
    Can be found in volcanic, magma, toxic, and primeval biomes.

    Made firebats glow slightly.
  3. Desertdactyl and server crash fix

    Added a new flying critter to vanilla desert and FrackinUniverse primeval, desert, and sulfuric biomes.

    Fixed server crash caused by glowwormtank.
  4. Catchable FrackinUniverse critters and FrackinUniverse scenery

    Made FrackinUniverse critters catchable.
    Added a module for adding new scenery to FrackinUniverse biomes.
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  5. Bumblebees

    Added cute, hand-drawn bumblebees to giant flower biomes, and FrackinUniverse hive biomes.
  6. capture pods

    Made almost all critters catchable using capture pods, some (like bats and doves) will even follow you!

    Reshaded camels, horses, and bears.
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  7. New vanilla critters catchable

    Made vanilla egg, fisheye, and cell critters catchable with net.

    FrackinUniverse spawning adjustments.
  8. FrackinUniverse support

    Readded FrackinUniverse support. Critters should now spawn in FrackinUniverse biomes.

    Readjusted spawns.
  9. spawning adjustments

    adjusted spawns for flying critters. Should be slightly less critters filling the skies.
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  10. peacocks

    added peacocks to colorful biomes.