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More Craftable Blocks 1.6

Adds tiered metal blocks, and more blocks to craft from that crap you're hoarding.

  1. pickup recipe update

    Forgot to make the legacy blocks' recipes learnable. They now show up on ore pickup with violium, ferozium and solarium.
  2. Update for 1.0

  3. Fix for Stable

    to all .material files to fix the crashing issue with latest stable.
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  4. Small update

    Added core fragment blocks:
  5. Upload is messed up again

    I'm just going to use my dropbox link from now on, the site's not uploading right half the time. This is a copy of the version I'm currently using with no errors linked to the download button.
  6. Minor update for stable

    Upload didn't work correctly, re uploading.
  7. Minor update for stable

    There was a missing comma in the durasteel .material file. Should load now.
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  8. oops

    Seems the last version was packed wrong. This should fix that.
  9. Recipe fixes

    Blueprints should now only show up after you pick up the relevant ore or item instead of having everything in the crafting table to begin with.
  10. Upbeat giraffe update

    I think it's working correctly?
    I updated the stuff to the new format, everything appears to be showing up in game correctly for now.

    If anybody knows how to actually make the recipes learn on ore/item pickup instead of being there by default I'd appreciate the help. I couldn't get it working myself.