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Moon Melon 1.13

A hoax, no more

  1. Oh boy, another problem with Million Flavor Cocktail!

    - Fixed unlock for Million Flavor Cocktail.
  2. Moon Melon Jam

    - Added Moon Melon Jam.
  3. player.config Patch

    - Added player.config patch for Tabula Rasa recipe.
  4. Tabula Rasa Compatibility

  5. Foodvalue Removal

    - Removed foodvalue from Million Flavor Cocktail.
  6. Bug fix, part 3

    Million Flavor Cocktail icon mis-named.
  7. Million Flavor Fix, Electric Boogaloo

    Okay, NOW the Million Flavor Cocktail is fixed.
  8. Million Flavor Fix

    This is a small fix for the error in which a PGI is in place of the Million Flavor Cocktail recipe and would crash the game upon clicking it. Also removed rotting mechanic.
  9. Added Rotting Mechanic

    - The foods can now rot and a foodvalue nerf on the two prepared foods.
  10. Price Nerf

    In case anyone was exploiting the prices of the items I nerfed the prices for the seed to 400 Pixels and the fruit to 200 Pixels.
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