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Moneyplant 1.6 fix

Farming pixels.

  1. Outdated. No more updates.

    I've integrated this mod into my Ore Plants+ (RAM's version) mod. I'd suggest deleting this mod and downloading the latest update of Ore Plants to continue using the plants in this mod. As they're the same plants with the same assets the transition should be painless. Any further updates will be through the oreplants mod.
  2. fix!

    Forgot to reset the speed for plant growth after testing. Sorry about that. Should be a lot slower growth now.
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  3. Tiered plants! Seed drop again?

    I created tiers for both of the plants. There is a rare chance that the next tier seed will drop. The likelihood of the next tier seed dropping goes down as the tiers increase. The last tier drops the initial tier seed. You can also upgrade your plants using the oreplants+ mod. It's much quicker, but the cost is high. I also rebalanced the harvest drops. You might need to replant your seeds, if you have any planted.

    There's still is no regular seed drop, but I thought that this is a balance...
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  4. No lag!

    Updated the treasure pool with Caudyr's no-lag edit. This makes harvesting large sums of money bearable again. Sorry that it took so long to update. I must have gotten distracted by something shiny.
  5. Updated for Stable

    Update for Stable.

    I made the money plants growable and buyable again. I decreased the yield to make the money plants a little less of a cheat. I also adjusted their placement. It only comes with the "no seed drop" version now. It's still compatible with my oreplants+ mod, however I added 3 more recipes, allowing you to convert any of the four voxel types into a voxel plant. The amount used in the ore machine depends on the voxel type. It's now slightly cheaper to use the ore machine than...
  6. Added Ore Plants Compatability

    Added a recipe for 20 1k voxels to be used in the ore machine in my ore plants mod.
  7. Voxel plants!

    Added voxel plants. Added version without seed drops for those that don't like to cheat, but still want a "cash" crop. :rofl:
  8. Less land!

    Used edits from Compact Crops to use less land.