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Outdated Modulars 2.0

Modularization of common objects and furniture for easier, cleaner stacking

  1. dantronix
    Version 2.0 / Enraged Koala

    Modularization of common objects and furniture for easier, cleaner stacking.

    Hey guys!

    User graycatgrayhat was kind enough to take on the process of reviving Modulars. Modulars is probably my favorite of my own mods and I am thrilled that someone is willing to take this on. Feel free to check out the revival mod, here:


    -dantronix 2015.06.30​

    Are you anal about space? Perhaps you just like the slick, clean look of perfect organization? Modulars allows you to upgrade your common items to a modular format.

    campfire_lg.gif arrow.png modularoven_lg.gif spacer.png woodencraftingtable_lg.png arrow.png modularcraftingtable_lg.png spacer.png yarnspinner_lg.png arrow.png modularyarnspinner_lg.png
    ironanvil_lg.png arrow.png modularanvil_lg.gif spacer.png woodencookingtable_lg.png arrow.png modularwoodencookingtable_lg.png spacer.png metalworkstation_lg.gif arrow.png modularmetalworkstation_lg.gif
    stonefurnace_lg.gif arrow.png modularfurnace_lg.gif spacer.png roboticcraftingtable_lg.gif arrow.png modularroboticcraftingtable_lg.gif spacer.png wiringstation_lg.gif arrow.png modularwiringstation_lg.gif
    shiplocker_lg.gif arrow.png modularshiplocker_lg.gif spacer.png capturestation_lg.gif arrow.png modularcapturestation_lg.gif spacer.png fuelhatch_lg.gif arrow.png modularfuelhatch_lg.gif
    techstation_lg.gif arrow.png modulartechstation_lg.gif + modular3dprinter_lg.gif
    refinery_lg.gif arrow.png modularrefinery_lg.gif + modularrefinery_vertical_lg.gif spacer.png pixelcompressor_lg.gif arrow.png modularpixelcompressor_lg.gif + modularpixelcompressor_vertical_lg.gif

    Modules can be easily stacked and organized in any order.

    Prefer a more boxy look to your modules? Not too keen on that recessed look? Just use the Decorative Module End Cap to turn any module into a boxy module.



    Thanks, StarBrethren, good review!

    Also included, all new Micro-Modules. Like the modules you know and love, only 2/3 the size. ADORABLE!

    Craft a Modularity Creator in your standard crafting menu. Press C.
    modularcreator.png bendy_arrow.png
    From the Modularity Creator you can modularize most of your common objects and furniture for a nominal pixel fee.
    modularity_creator_sm.png crafting_sm.png

    All modular objects are placeable against any wall surface, like a painting, in any order you desire.
    screen03_sm.png screen05_sm.png

    They cannot be placed without a wall (currently) but that shouldn't be an issue. Just stack any wall tiles where you intend to place your module and then slap the module on that bad boy. I promise, you won't miss the tiles.

    Craft the Micro-Modularity Creator from within the Standard Modularity Creator.

    Installation Instructions
    Remove any prior versions of the mod and extract the "Modulars" folder into the mods directory, under your game installation folder. Typically, this is C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\mods\.

    So, the destination folder should be something like this:
    C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\mods\Modulars\

    Inclusion of Breakable Ship Objects Mod
    Starbound does not allow you to remove objects, such as the Ship Locker, from your ship. If you would like to be able to remove such objects for use with the Modulars mod, just as you copied the "Modulars" folder into the mods directory, above, also copy the "Breakable Ship Objects" folder into the mods directory

    See the Breakable Ship Objects mod home page for usage instructions:

    Warning! The Breakable Ship Objects mod is made for vanilla ships. If you are using custom ship mods like Madtulip's Spaceship, Fully Customizable Ship, or Dreadnought Whatevers, please don't use the Breakable Ship Objects mod.

    Additional Information
    Tested in Enraged Koala, in Windows only. Please let me know if you have issues.

    Known issues:
    : Why are there 3 recipes for Modular Ship Locker?

    A: The game has four types of ship lockers. When you rip your ship locker off the wall you will get one of these four items, depending on which species you are playing. They all look the same but under the covers they are different. Starbound doesn't support creating recipes that allow for this OR that so to allow all species to modularize their ship lockers, I must have a recipe for the three types that the games uses for species ships.

    I make mods for features that I would like to have but I truly appreciate the fact that you might enjoy them as well. Please feel free to review, rate, and make suggestions. Your feedback is much appreciated and, based on my available time, could easily influence the direction of my mods. Thank you!

    Upcoming Features
    • Collaboration with other mods. (Currently collaborating with madtulip on items from the MadTulip`s Spaceship Mod)
    • Custom Art Modules
      • Most of the current modules are based heavily on reorganized game art. I did this for object familiarity but I would like to create additional sets with different looks and more of my own art.
    • Micro Modules Done!
    • Vertical Pixel Compressor and Refinery Done!
    • More modularized objects
    • Sparks! We need more sparks!
    • More... Have another suggestion? Let me know.

    Release Log

    Version 2.0
    • Introducing all new Micro-Modules! Micro-Modules are 2/3 the scale of the modules you are used to.
    • Fixed a few sprite bugs in some of the ship item modules.
    Version 1.5

    Added new Demodularizer object. It's like undo for modules. It's not free, though.

    Version 1.4

    Added custom filter interface for Modularity Creator. Researching best way to allow other mods to interface for modular versions of their items.

    Version 1.3
    • Added new items:
      • Fuel Hatch, Cooking Table, Yarn Spinner, Upright Pixel Compressor & Upright Refinery, Decorative Module Side.
    • Added recipes to buy more Fuel Hatches and Tech Stations for those that have lost theirs.
    • Altered recipes to make all modules cost more. Most went from 25 pixels to 50. Some are slightly more or less.
    Version 1.2

    Unpacked .pak file to fix problem caused by EK Unstable version 639 (Update 6)

    Version 1.1
    • Fixed Ship Locker Recipes
      • The game has 4 types of ship lockers, depending on your species. In 1.0 you could buy a ship locker, not attributable to a species, and modularize it. In 1.2, I have added a recipe for each species shiplocker. The down side is that there now appears to be 3 recipes for the same item. Not a big deal, though.
    • Created .pak file for optimial performance
    • Updated related documentation
    Version 1.0

    Crackin' new release!

    All Dantronix Mods
    Interesting Starter Swords

    Invisible Clothes

    Real Ninja Stuff


    Ridiculous Giant Effing Swords

    Jesus H. Christ

    Chicken Tosser

    Breakable Ship Objects

    Version 1.5

    Added new Demodularizer object. It's like undo for modules. It's not free, though.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Anyone can alter/redistribute the mod's assets without the author's consent.


    1. dantronix_modularcreator.png
    2. modularcreator_lg.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Ev1l0rd
    Version: 2.0
    Great! I love this, the default ship is otherwise to small!
  2. Dark0flare
    Version: 2.0
    I had a bit of a problem at first(look in discussion) but it now works well.The only thing is I believe the Micro-Modules should be either 100 pixels or require the respective normal module to craft instead of the station itself.The micros are supposed to be better than the normals,right?Then why do they cost the same?
  3. Xutzl
    Version: 2.0
    I can have all necessary machines on my ship.
    And it makes the stone furnace and the spinning wheel look much better in my hi-tech base.
  4. Windcaller
    Version: 1.5
    Man, this is great! The modulators look really well-made, and it really helps to conserve space! Definitely a must-have!
    1. dantronix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for taking the time to rate it. Glad you like it!
  5. Coolside
    Version: 1.5
    Excellent Mod. I love clean spaces. Does the mod not work with ship mods other than vanilla? I have the Dreadnought ship mod updated to Enraged Koala however when I add you mod, it reverts to vanilla ship. Other than that, fantastic effort!
    1. dantronix
      Author's Response
      The only thing with my mod that affects ships is the included "Breakable Ship Objects" mod. It allows you to rip the ship locker, fuel hatch, etc., off of the vanilla ship walls. If you are using ship mods, just remove the "Breakable Ship Objects" folder from your mods folder. I will make this more clear in the description.
  6. Ilusiveman
    Version: 1.5
    Cool idea and animaton. Alse could be used as decoration of a base and a ship or just alternative. Nothing bad here.

    Hehe in the future..maybe some containers, pipes and all working together? :) anyway good work.
    1. dantronix
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback. Much appreciated!
  7. Crisium
    Version: 1.2
    Its a great little mod just download it you will see work great dose what its meant to an don't what its not what more can you ask :)
  8. SirTheProper
    Version: 1.2
    Hey love the mod. I get frustrated that certain tables and such can't be more space age and recessed into surfaces. Some things I like to have out as it makes the place look like a real work environment, but this gives me the choice to choose and I love that. Hey I was wondering if there is anyway you could add compatibility with Super Smelters. If not I understand, but I want my biggest baddest smelter out and maybe a couple smaller ones wall mounted. Thanks for the consideration none the less. Take care, and I look forward to more mods.
    1. dantronix
      Author's Response
      I am glad you like it. I will look into the super smelters. Thanks for the review and the suggestions.
  9. Lordanar1337
    Version: 1.1
    The perfect adjustment to the Okea Mod. They fit pretty well into my futuristic-builds. Another idea is you could also add, if you want, the Cooking Table and the Yarn Spinner. Anyway, beautiful mod!
  10. redlace
    Version: 1.0
    Nice mod! Great idea and would certainly clean up my crafting room. Not to keen on the ship lockers being so cheap though, doesn't seem balanced.
    1. dantronix
      Author's Response
      The whole point of the ship lockers being so cheap is that I needed a solution to the fact that you cannot rip your locker off your ship wall without another mod. I may address that directly in an update to this mod. Thanks for the review.