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Outdated Moar Ore 1.5 Pack

Who doesn't want more ore?

  1. 1.5 Pack Spirited Giraffe

    Apologies for the delayed update. The pack has been fixed to work with Spirited Giraffe.
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  2. MoarOrePack1.4 - Upbeat Giraffe

    *Hey all, I had to get some things sorted irl but I'm finally back to a routine where I can devote some time to my hobbies.

    MoarOrePack updated to UG.
    Just download, extract, pick your flavor, and play starbound. Enjoy! ;)
    As usual the effects are only seen on unexplored planets and when visited are saved into your universe.
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  3. 1.3 Enraged Koala

    Updated to Enraged Koala
  4. Furious Koala Update

    Sorry for the delay, Furious Koala compatibility is up.
  5. Link fix

    Link didn't change. I think I had to change the version string
  6. 1.1 Pack-AK

    Updated to Angry Koala
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  7. OreGalore fix

    You do not need to re-download if you don't use OreGalore. This patch fixes a mistake with silver on the surface levels.
  8. MoreOrePack1.0

    Today didn't quite go as planned so I was able to make these for you guys sooner than expected.

    Because all three versions of this mod only override one file, and so there isn't download links everywhere, it's a package deal. So, please read the installation section.
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  9. 1.1 Update

    Re-balanced the numbers to distribute up to double the ore the deeper down you go.
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