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Outdated Moar Ore 1.5 Pack

Who doesn't want more ore?

  1. G4M5T3R
    Last known good version : Spirited Giraffe
    Find yourself always short on ore? Do you prefer exploring the universe over spending your time spelunking?
    Use your refinery a little too much? This very little mod comes in three flavors to fulfill your needs.

    The MoarOre Pack contains 3 flavors of the mod.
    LessIsMoar - A little boost to default ores.
    MoarOre - A moderate boost to default ores.
    OreGalore - A significant boost to default ores!

    To install: Delete any previously installed flavor of MoarOre for a clean installation.
    Download, Extract and Open the Pack.
    Now only copy the flavor you wish to use into your mods directory.
    Play Starbound.

    == HOW TO USE ==
    Once installed you must go to an unexplored planet to see the effect.
    Going to any planet already saved into your universe, prior to installing, will do nothing.
    If you choose to uninstall, any planet you visited while the mod was installed will still have the modded values.

    New ores from additional mods won't be scaled.

    Since you're about to mod your ores why not make them glow too?
    ~Check out these sweet mods that do just that
    Glowing Ore by : greenRAM
    Illuminated Ores by: Amadox
    [Colorebound] by: Seraphi

    Like what you see? Hit that Like button & Leave a comment for everyone on internet to see :rainbowbarf:
    Any issues can be reported to me here.

    == CHANGELOG ==
    1.5Pack - Spirited Giraffe Update.
    1.4Pack - Upbeat Giraffe Update.
    1.3Pack - Enraged Koala Update.
    1.2Pack - Furious Koala Update.
    1.1Pack - OreGalore Silver fixed.
    1.0Pack - MoarOre now comes in three flavors. LessIsMoar, MoarOre, OreGalore.
    1.1 - Now distributes UP TO two times the amount of ore, the deeper down you go. Less of a game breaker.
    1.0 - None yet.

Recent Reviews

  1. BILLY500436
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    Very useful mod, used it during the Koala stages however I yearn for another update to this. I wonder if the content of it is capable of being ported into the current version? If so which I most likely will check anyways, that would be great and would be much more satisfying and a whole lot less grueling for searching diamonds on the base planet.

    Still hoping for you G4MST3R:
    ~ BILLY500436 ~
  2. Leinad Werecat
    Leinad Werecat
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    This makes things a lot better, not having to search for years to get enough ore. Plus, finding huge ore deposits is just really satisfying!
  3. spaztheninja
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    Really useful mod. Really hope to see updates.
  4. Krojo
    Version: 1.5 Pack
  5. THePyromancer13
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    yay diamonds everywhere every planet
  6. harrisonhess
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    thanks for aewsome mod m8,sometimes its annoying to grind for hours,but you mod just rekt the grindind :D and also balanced
  7. fail1aw
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    Yes, yes that's it! lets dig the whole Planet! :D
  8. Higdel
    Version: 1.5 Pack
    This mod works great and helped me a lot! I definitely needed it, seeing how mush I use the refinery.
    1. G4M5T3R
      Author's Response
      Spelunking is tedious work :3
  9. n8thegr8
    Version: 1.4
    I love this mod, but one thing is a problem, the FrackinUnivers mod should be compatible, I had to code the ore into this mod by myself
  10. Hibob42
    Version: 1.4
    I have one problem... I can't seem to find any cobblestone. (not a bug)
    1. G4M5T3R
      Author's Response
      Hmm, perhaps a MoarStone is in order? jk