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Outdated Moar Keyboards (and other instruments) 2.4

Fantastic new pianos (and other instruments) for your space travels (exactly 17)

  1. In memoriam. Contest included in changelog, please read

    Well guys, for the few of you that actually read these changelogs, I've been quite sad in the past days since I lost my most beloved partner :( my GPU, my old but totally functional GTX 570.
    She died after 3 years and 4 months of great service, fun, hardcore gaming and even more. You shall rest in peace my friend.

    So, on with the changelog:
    • NEW! Instrument, the Old Graphic Card. The days of adventures and glorious graphics are in the past, now all that is left is the...
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  2. Taking a rest

    Unless there is a significant error -again- that makes this unusable, I'm taking a break -again- for now.

    - NEW! Old double bass definitely DEAD. From the ashes, a new one has born, Double Bass 2.0! Includes Arco and Pizz edition, Classic and Jazz approaches became even better.
    - Double Bass assets are bigger. More realistic.
    - Some other minor improvements.
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  3. I'm mad x2

    Ok guys, I'm deeply sorry, there has been a terrible mistake while uploading. Deeply sorry for any inconvenience. Here I go again...

    • Fixed 2 mistakes the same night. Sorry.
    • NEW! 2 instruments join the rooster, Basster and Twelve-y are our new string instruments.
    • Double bass out. ded, rekt, no longer breathing. (still usable, not craftable. Do yourself a favor and burn it).
    • Took the chance to add some songs.
    • A surprise awaits......
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  4. News and improvements

    I know I've been off for a long while, but I'm still alive. Real life just attacks some times.
    I have improved some instruments while some remain the same, just mention it guys, I'd never realize it at first.

    Also, I'd like to know: Is Double Bass even a thing? I'm thinking of erasing it, there is no point on working on it. I could never find a proper and nice Double Bass sample so that's all I've got, and it isn't much...

    • Sawtooth 2.0 and Vibraphone 2.0! Sound...
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  5. Just passing by

    Hey, someone else excited about Digimon Tri? Decided to drop by for a bit, couldn't sleep until I made a worthy tune, check it out and download it now!

    Yes, this may also mean I'm going to move to SoundCloud.
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  6. The day after valentine's day.

    - Gave some love to the Tuba sprites and position. More proper now.
    - Some really minor improvements to Bass Pad and Tech Pad icons.
    - You can now craft these instruments in the 80s Boom Box Crafting Table! (You can still craft them in the crafting table).
    - Some trash cleanup.
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  7. Woah, from 1.3 to 2.0?

    2.0, because of reasons.
    - Compatibility with update, Upbeat Giraffe.
    - Improved TechPad and BassPad sprites. They were so horrific, even for me. How did you accept them?
    - Turned this into a modpak so you guys don't need to make a clean install ever again.
    - Decided to not make more instruments.
  8. Gaah...

    Fixed a little problem related to Sawtooth, Korg, Desaxtrous and Vibraphone when playing notes lower than C1 (Thanks to BobertLocke!)

    Well guys, this is gonna be my last update to this mod (I may fix stuff, but nothing new will be added) so that's why this is a HUGE update.

    Before I start, guys, make a CLEAN install, since I edited some stuff and renamed some resources, so to avoid you seeing songs or even instruments twice, you better make a clean install

    - *NEW* This is no longer "Moar Keyboards" 'cause also includes PADS (and some normal instruments). For the sake of the mod, I'm not changing the...
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  10. New release (but still under tests)

    Well guys, you waited and now here they are. This update includes not 1, nor 2, nor 3, but 4 (four) new keyboards!
    Some may note that not all of these are really keyboards, but who cares about logic?

    • NEW! Keyboards added: Korg EXS24, Harpsichord, Earstroyer and Desaxtrous.
    • Updated main page (obviously).
    • Lowered the volume of City Piano. We all love Jordan Rudess, but the keyboard just overshadowed the other instruments. Not cool.
    • Adjusted all other...