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Outdated Moar Keyboards (and other instruments) 2.4

Fantastic new pianos (and other instruments) for your space travels (exactly 17)


    Well guys, this is gonna be my last update to this mod (I may fix stuff, but nothing new will be added) so that's why this is a HUGE update.

    Before I start, guys, make a CLEAN install, since I edited some stuff and renamed some resources, so to avoid you seeing songs or even instruments twice, you better make a clean install

    - *NEW* This is no longer "Moar Keyboards" 'cause also includes PADS (and some normal instruments). For the sake of the mod, I'm not changing the folder name thought
    - *NEW* Instruments added: 8 (eight) instruments in total, making a family of 14 (fourteen) instruments! These are Sitar, Sawtooth, Bass Pad, Techno Pad, Vibraphone, Tuba (made by request), Celesta (my new pride and joy) and Double Bass (I MAKE NO PROMISES ON THIS LAST ONE)
    - Fixed the Harpsichord audio quality, now sounds even better.
    - Added 7 (or 8?)... more songs to the track list, I can't remember them now.
    - Added another line to this because I wanted to.

    I may add a last instrument... my Acoustic Guitar, but just if you want it.
    Is just a normal nameless guitar.
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