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Outdated Moar Keyboards (and other instruments) 2.4

Fantastic new pianos (and other instruments) for your space travels (exactly 17)

  1. In memoriam. Contest included in changelog, please read

    Well guys, for the few of you that actually read these changelogs, I've been quite sad in the past days since I lost my most beloved partner :( my GPU, my old but totally functional GTX 570.
    She died after 3 years and 4 months of great service, fun, hardcore gaming and even more. You shall rest in peace my friend.

    So, on with the changelog:
    • NEW! Instrument, the Old Graphic Card. The days of adventures and glorious graphics are in the past, now all that is left is the aftermath, glitchy and horrid sounds that simply make yourself die internally. For the first time, this one CAN'T be crafted anywhere, you will need to find it in treasure chests (only applies if you are on a freshly created universe). Is also dropped by certain Robots on the universe. Will you be able to get it?
    • NEW! Graphics and Icon for the Tuba. Cleaned up and given a little more realism. Thanks to Deliphin
    As an EXTRA, I'm making a little contest (hope it baits some attention).

    Objective: Find and play the Old Graphic Card Instrument with any song (be it a composition or any other existing song -be it popular or not-). The song must sound GOOD on the GPU.
    After you manage to find a song that actually sounds GOOD with the GPU, record the song and upload it to any site you want (you can record yourself playing on Starbound, use the composer, use another sampling program, whatever you like). Preferred sites: Youtube, Soundcloud, Dropbox and Mega.
    Make sure the song sounds overall good, and post it in the discussion tab, don't PM me links. I also accept MIDI files and ABC files (so I can test it myself), if you are unable to record the song.
    Prize: I'll make any instrument that you would like to have added to the pack.
    Limitations of the prize:
    - No instruments already made by me or my good friend, Alex Vixgeck
    - No imaginary instruments unless you have samples I can work with.
    - Just ONE instrument, not a SET of instruments.
    - No microphones or anything related to voices. I dislike those.
    Deadline for submissions: 00:00 (GMT -4.5) August 22, 2015.

    If no good submissions are made before the deadline, no winner will be chosen and no new instrument is going to be developed.
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