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Outdated Moar Keyboards (and other instruments) 2.4

Fantastic new pianos (and other instruments) for your space travels (exactly 17)

  1. News and improvements

    I know I've been off for a long while, but I'm still alive. Real life just attacks some times.
    I have improved some instruments while some remain the same, just mention it guys, I'd never realize it at first.

    Also, I'd like to know: Is Double Bass even a thing? I'm thinking of erasing it, there is no point on working on it. I could never find a proper and nice Double Bass sample so that's all I've got, and it isn't much...

    • Sawtooth 2.0 and Vibraphone 2.0! Sound improved and up-tuned a whole octave (12 semitones). Vibraphone was too dark and Sawtooth was too acid.
    • City Piano improved samples, not too much but sound is a little better.
    • Added Butterfly from Digimon to the tracklist in honor to Digimon Tri.
    • Started to upload (bit by bit) sound samples to SoundCloud (easier, faster, better). Process is going to take time, my internet for uploading is just twice as fast as Dial-up, painfully slow.
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