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Outdated Moar Keyboards (and other instruments) 2.4

Fantastic new pianos (and other instruments) for your space travels (exactly 17)

  1. Osoreshi
    Greetings, space travelers!

    I was diving in the deep seas of the Internet, and suddenly, I received a signal from the gods, they told me to share the awesomeness of this strokes with everyone in the Starbound galaxy, and I gladly accepted this mission.

    I present to you (no plans for adding more... Sorry guys.) Moar Keyboards!

    Please notice: This mod is still compatible so far in latest version and I will assure 1.0 release compatibility, no updates since I have no reasons to add more instruments, but I will surely deliver new updates if the mod breaks in any future update.

    This mod adds 17 magnificent pianos assorted instruments, the Salamander and the City Piano as the main keyboards, now in company of Korg EXS24, Harpsichord, Desaxtrous (?), Earstroyer (???), Bass Pad (???), Techno Pad (?), Vibraphone, Tuba, Sitar, Sawtooth, Celesta, Basster, Twelve-y, Double Bass Arco and Double Bass Pizz! Also the Old Graphic Card (????)


    The Salamander is a Yamaha C5 sampled in minor thirds from the lowest A. Sampled by Alexander HolmFeel. Its sound is bright and precise, making the in-game Bright Piano feel ashamed

    City Piano

    The City Piano is a master piece inspired by our great lord on the keyboards, Jordan Rudess and the result was this baby. Mostly Inspired by the sound he made in the Liquid Tension Experiment, this boy is ready to jam.
    Sample: Grand Illusion - Jordan Rudess


    Although it resulted as a fail from me to replicate a true Vibrato Alto Saxophone, the result still impressed me. Is better to call this guy a Sax Synth than a real Sax. Still, you will be satisfied with its sound
    NOW ON SOUNDCLOUD! Sample: Where the money flows like water - Michiru Yamane


    Aaaah, this guy here... this one is the result of a massive failure trying to enlarge Violoncello samples. At first I thought of this as a joke, but after hearing it, hey, it didn't sound so bad. Pretty decent.


    One of the best samples I could've ever found in my entire life. A random guy sampled an unknown XVI century Harpsichord and after some little tweaks, BOOM, this baby came to Starbound. A must.
    UPDATED! Sample: Machiavellian Bach - Portal 2

    Korg EXS24

    An 80's gem, some may remember the sound, some may not, and some may say "WHOA THIS IS UTTERLY CRAP", but hey, we have evolved. I personally never liked it but I don't judge the ones that did.
    No sample is provided since I didn't find a proper tune. Feel free to recommend one.

    Bass Pad

    I was utterly bored when I did this, but though, the result was quite impressive. Making use of glitchy sounds, strong bass and long notes, the result was this bad boy.
    Sample: Rainbow Tylenol - Kitsune^2

    Techno Pad

    Another boy that came to life while I was doing the Bass Pad. This one consists of precise and short notes and an Atari vibe sound. Perfect for any aggressive techno project you have in mind!
    UPDATED! Sample: Ghosts 'n' stuff - Deadmau5


    One of my favorite instruments ever made. Charming bells with a piano vibe makes it a lovely instrument. Also, I always wanted one here in Starbound. (You can also find a sample in the Desaxtrous sample).
    UPDATED! Sample: Main theme from Non Non Biyori


    Made by request of a fellow space traveler at first, but soon I realized how much we needed this in game. Quality may not be great but still is very good.
    Sample: Ievan Polkka


    This is a little piece of Asia which suddenly decided to make. Be aware that Sitar is often played with lots of Hammer-ons, pull-offs. tremolos and slides, so the sound hardly will be accurate.
    Sample (Thanks to Deliphin): Tetris Theme A


    A psychedelic sound for everyone. A progressive instrument which just needed to exist.


    Music box was just a poor try to replicate this classical piece. Celesta sound is familiar to everyone, but it just receives too little attention. Now is just time to see listen it for yourself.
    Sample: Sugar Plum Fairy


    This is Basster, a happy Bass which just loves to jam all day and all night. He can even get too enthusiastic while he is on it, but he is a good bass


    A 12-string guitar is a project I've been waiting to accomplish (aside from a good Overdrive or Distorted guitar...) from a long time. Twelve-y looks like a normal guitar with a wider bridge, but its sound is way better than that.

    Double Bass Arco

    Finally, a Double Bass with decent sound. This baby is smooth as a good pick up line. Took some time but finally, an almost real Double Bass Arco.

    Double Bass Pizz

    Double Bass Arco came with a good friend, a must-have I've been waiting to get my hands on since more time than I can recall. Try it out.
    Sample: Force Your Way - Final Fantasy VIII

    Old Graphic Card

    Did you ever wonder what use could an old, dusty and disgracefully damaged Graphic Card could have besides the trash bin and stepping over papers? Well, wonder no more, THIS is the answer, they become an instrument.
    No sample is provided since there is no proper tune.


    • Boogie Wacky Woogie - Jordan Rudess
    • Cave Story - Main Theme
    • Final Fantasy VIII - Julia's Solo Piano (Salamander Recommended)
    • For River - To the moon (Johnny) (Salamander Recommended)
    • Furia Taurina - Jordan Rudess (City Piano Recommended)
    • Grand Illusion - Jordan Rudess (City Piano HIGHLY Recommended)
    • Hijo de la Luna - Mecano
    • Megaman 2 - Dr. Willy Stage
    • Moonlight Sonata
    • One Voice - Jordan Rudess
    • Tocatta & Fugue
    • Machiavellian Bach - Portal 2 (Totally for Harpsichord)
    • Where the Money Flows Like Water - Michiru Yamane (Sextet, and Desaxtrous must be in the spotlight)
    • Axel F - Harold Faltermeyer (Quartet)
    • Evan Duffy - Monstercat (Salamander, totally)
    • Peter Tsaichreifrijfqdffke<don't know how to spell it> - Oktober (A classical piece worth of the Harpsichord)
    • Roses & Wine - Final Fantasy VIII(Quartet)
    • Mozart - Symphony No.40 (Do I need to say it?)
    • Non Non Biyori - Main Theme
    • Rainbow Tylenol - Kitsune^2 (Bass Pad nails it)
    • Avast your Ass - Kitsune^2 (Quintet)
    • Sugar Plum Fairy (Sextet, with the Celesta of course)
    • Ghosts 'n' Stuff - Deadmau5 (Sextet, totally techno)
    • Positive Force - VVVVVV (Bass Pad recommended)
    • Ievan Polkka (Quintet or Quartet. Tuba time to shine)
    • A-Ha - Take on Me (Duet, EARSTROYER!!)
    • U.N OWEN WAS HER? - ZUN (Sawtooth bro)
    • Butterfly - Digimon (Quartet)
    • Sonic - Green Hill Zone (Earstroyer)
    • Final Fantasy VIII - Eyes on me (Fisherman's Horizon Band) (Quartet)
    • Final Fantasy VIII - Force your way (Sextet)
    • The Eagles - Hotel California (Sextet, Basster and Twelve-y)
    • Canon D - Pachelbel (Trio. Try it out solely with Double Bass Arco in the band, amazing)

    Enjoy! Feel free to comment if anything wrong or your recommendations.

    PS: Some arts may be horrible, I'm aware of it but I'm not an artist. Feel free to improve it, I'll make sure to update it.
    REMINDER: Some may know that classical Harpsichords were down-tuned 1 or 2 semi-tones, but don't worry, this one uses the international tuning (A440) so it will fit with any other instrument.
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before including this mod in a compilation.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Niels2012
    Version: 2.4
    really nice, but I can't find the all of the instruments
  2. CrimsonGiraffe
    Version: 2.4
    I love the Old Graphics Card as an instrument, much the the chagrin of everyone else on my server. 10/10 would recycle a GPU again
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      I didn't expect this.
  3. E253MechaShadow
    Version: 2.2.2
    Awesome instruments. I enjoyed this mod a lot.
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      That's the purpose, everyone enjoying some music :D
  4. B. Arty
    B. Arty
    Version: 2.2.2
    thats some sick musical peice of yours. Obviously you have made God proud. But there's still one thing. All of them combine can't even outbeat the lengendary "Can of Beans" :D
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      I'm not even going to try to beat that.
  5. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: 2.0.1
    *Gasp* Deadmau5, Avast your ass, Final Fantasy, Megaman! DOWNLOAD!! :D
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      No one mentions Michiru Yamane :(
  6. BobertLocke
    Version: 1.3
    Oh my the Sitar is excellent. One issue I've had with some instruments: Some instruments refuse to play some songs. I don't have any specific examples because I make my own abcs, and there doesn't seem to be any pattern to it. Any idea what might cause this? (all the default instruments work with my songs, so it's not a problem with the game)
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      Would you mind naming which instruments? That way is easier for me to check
  7. Midnight_Blitz
    Version: 1.3
    This review is by a music fanatic and .abc composer:

    That techno pad may be one of the best instruments I've ever heard in space. Salamander in a close second, with that Sawtooth (FINALLY Starbound gets one!) sliding into third. Some instruments probably need some fine tuning, but this is very, very worth getting. ...Sorry, can't focus on the rest while I listen to Salamander music.
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      Thank you! I'm aware of some instruments need workout, but that rather depends on sample quality. Feel free to make any recommendations in the discussion tab.
  8. kawaiiChiimera
    Version: 1.1a
    Great quality! Especially the Salamander.
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      Salamander seems to have everybody's love lately.

      Thanks a lot for your review! :D
  9. JellyBlade
    Version: 1.1a
    Finally, a Harpsichord. And very nice quality on the instruments. Very good.
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      I know, I always wondered why no one made a playable Harpsichord.
      Thanks a lot and enjoy! :D
  10. supaboyy
    Version: 1.1a
    More pianos? This is piano heaven.
    1. Osoreshi
      Author's Response
      Keyboards are white, Pianos are black
      This makes no sense, but I could care less.