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Outdated Mio's Majikoi Miyako Mod V. Enraged Koala

Weapons, Vanity, and everything Miyako!

  1. Mio
    Mio's Mod.png Hello! Just thought I'd share my first Starbound mod I made for myself. This is Miyako from Majikoi, the visual novel. Miyako is one of my favourite characters and I figured it would be fun to learn modding/spriting while paying a small homage to a character I'm fond of!
    My 2nd Mod: Mio's Chuu2 Rikka Mod!
    My 3rd Mod: Mio's Madoka Magica Mod!


    What it includes:
    • School uniform for Miyako
    • Heavenly Bow
    • Sword of Kusanagi
    • Hairstyle (vanity wig)
    • Quiver backpiece
    Installation: Just drop the folder into your Mods section of Starbound like you would any other mod, you'll find all of the items in the Tabula Rasa Station towards the very end. I'll have to apologize ahead of time if you experience any trouble as this is my first mod and most of what went into it was learned only today. :p

    Important Note: I made this mod to work with the Tabula Rasa
    mod which you can find here. Now it should work with a regular crafting table. I had a friend test it out and he had no issues, so you shouldn't either, but if you do the TR should remedy that.
    **Warning: The sword and bow are quite powerful and the Quiver gives you a high amount energy and energy regen to be able to use the bow. This means on a new character you MUST equip the quiver to be able to use the bow effectively if at all! Otherwise you'll probably only be able to get a few hits out of it. This is just my personal preference. You can easily edit the numbers to make it more balanced if you so desire.

    Recommended Species Mod: I use the Ningen Species Mod for the eyes. It's completely optional and you don't need it for this, but in my personal opinion the default human eyes are creepy and weird, and these look fantastic. You can get that here.

    Special thanks: The starbound modding community for answering a few of my questions when I got stuck!

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

  1. Enraged Koala update
  2. Furious Koala Fix
  3. Woops! Forgot about the sword!

Recent Reviews

  1. Sayo Harugawa
    Sayo Harugawa
    Version: V. Enraged Koala
    Hmm, so nice. Good job ^___^
  2. LiekZomg
    Version: V. Furious Koala 1.0
  3. Jeekoya
    Version: V. Angry Koala 1.2
    Miyako is best! Needs update! Yummmm, give me more Miyako.
  4. kitsunespirit
    Version: V. Angry Koala 1.2
    Miyako was my favourite in Majikoi. <3
    1. Mio
      Author's Response
      You have impeccable taste.
  5. Swirly
    Version: V. Angry Koala 1.1
    Wonderful set of vanity items!
  6. Networkmagic
    Version: V. Angry Koala 1.01
    I actually like the look of this and to me at least it also has a spacey look to it. I haven't seen the show from where this is from but very nice work.