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Outdated MiniGuns 1.3

Big guns with a high rate of fire!

  1. Ver 1.3 Fixed crashes caused by GG changes

    I am re-posting version 1.3 because it somehow did not register as a version change. This version fixes the crashes in prior versions that were caused by the extensive weapon changes that were part of Glad Giraffe's "Combat Update."
  2. Version 1.3 Glad Giraffe bug fix

    Version 1.3: Fixed the high-tier guns, which would crash the game due to changes to Glad Giraffe projectiles and damage types. I've been sick, but wanted to get this fix out. When time permits, I intend to create version 2.0 to take advantage of GG features.
  3. Fixed recipes for PG update 5

    Announcement: Version 1.2 still works with Glad Giraffe except for the higher tier weapons, which can crash the game when fired. So please enjoy the mod, but do not build above the basic minigun until I can find the cause and fix it. While I am working on that, I am taking suggestions in the Discussion section.

    Version 1.2 accommodates the PG update 5 removal of uranium (replaced by silver) and solarium (replaced by gold). Since the materials are different, I also updated the...
  4. Fixed sound and rebalancing recipes and energy vs damage.

    Update: Fixed the sound (yay), increased crafting cost and tweaked energy/damage trade-off to align with vanilla game. So now you won't mow down your enemies in one burst, but you'll be able to fire more than one burst.

    I still am not showing descriptions, but then I noticed the vanilla game doesn't show them either for guns, even guns with descriptions in the code. So...still not sure how to fix that, or the other features I want.