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Outdated MiniGuns 1.3

Big guns with a high rate of fire!

  1. Fixed recipes for PG update 5

    Announcement: Version 1.2 still works with Glad Giraffe except for the higher tier weapons, which can crash the game when fired. So please enjoy the mod, but do not build above the basic minigun until I can find the cause and fix it. While I am working on that, I am taking suggestions in the Discussion section.

    Version 1.2 accommodates the PG update 5 removal of uranium (replaced by silver) and solarium (replaced by gold). Since the materials are different, I also updated the look of the guns affected, fixed some hand positioning, and increased the size of the "ammunition" indicator that (in combination with the color bars on the power cell) helps you see which gun you have equipped. Please remember to comment and rate the mod!
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