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Midi Waffle 1.0.0

A playable character mod featuring the protagonist of Kyrodian Legends.

  1. gblai
    Version: 1.0.0
    amazing just incredible mod , love the charactor
  2. Dragon_Tom005
    Version: 1.0.0
    I don't even have to check out this mod much. a simple 5 minutes of use and instantly it's an incredible, original and functional mod.

    Something like this makes me think of even more possibilities that could be potentially out there for modders. If there was someone or even a group of people who were dedicated enough, they could potentially go through all the textures for the cloths, copy them but make them specifically for this type of sprite. Even if it meant maybe 1 or 2 sprites a week or month that would be amazing.

    As it stands, it may not look like much but this is a completely new thing i haven't seen before. The only thing i can think of that's similar to this is the Avali race. But even this takes it to a whole new level in terms of being an entirely new sprite because even the head texture is different.

    I love the animation and sprite work. It almost feels like a new game where you play as a protagonist in a 2D sandbox adventure. I'd love to see more stuff in the future if possible. 5/5
    1. Kelvin
      Author's Response
      Oh gosh, wow. I am really flattered! Honestly, I just made this because I'm so anal about character customization that I decided to mod my own character in. XD

      I would like to work on more characters, though. Midi's the only one of my original sprites that would fit in all that well, but I've been thinking of guys like maybe Kid Radd or something.

      While I could redo his sprites to have clothing options, sadly I can't do hats because the game itself doesn't have animated heads, so his beret is all he can wear.

      But I'm really glad that you like playing as him! Thank you very much for your kind words. It's super encouraging!