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Mele Weapon Types Mod 1.3.0

More Ways to Fight

  1. Aimlessimp05
    I made this mod as a way to expand the way players can fight in starbound. I have been working on it in the steam work shop but here is the entire decription from the steam workshop page which will be updated as i add more to the mod is self. Here is a link to the Weapon types mod steam work shop version.
    Please keep in mind that only 3 of the 4 weapon types availbe are finable as loot.
    New TYPE the Scythe and Lance! The lance is a 1-handed spear than can be used with a sheild(this is SPARTA!),
    The Scythe has 2 swings, downward slash and a sidewaysslash/pull. Note the second swing looks weird as i am not that great of a spriterbut the damage area works corretly.
    Next Type will be Greatswords. They will have a charge attackas the main swing.

    Added in the chance to find a common, uncommon, and rare versions of the following list:
    They use the random generated broadswords partsfor now and yes i will make some custom ones just for this mod too.tho that migth be way later in the future. The lances use the spear random parts for generation. (for now)

    Currently the Types are:
    "longsword" - A 1-handed version of the 2-hand "broadsword" swing.
    "rapier" - 3 step attack stab-slash-stab and can be rotated.
    "lance" - 1-handed spear stabing. the stab cannot be rotated nor can you turn while doing so.
    "scythe - 2 swings one overhead and the second a pull like swing. (yes the second swing is crapy looking but i will try to fix it when it is not making me mad)

    To use any of my example weapons ingame please use "/spawnitem" and then the item name from the list. Without quotes.
    The example weapon list to be tested ingame to see what it looks and feels like are:
    "elementalsword", "commonlongsword", "uncommonlongsword", "rarelongsword"
    "elementalrapier", "commonrapier", "uncommonrapier", "rarerapier"
    "bloodlance", "commonlance", "uncommonlance", "rarelance" Note: the blood lance's sound is missing for some reason but the others work fine.
    "bloodscythe" Note: there is no random generated scythes yet as they are hard to make and would take too much time.

    The steps to use my mod are simple.
    1: Subscribe or Download, which ever you prefer.
    2: Create an new "<weapon name>.activeitem" or edit an existing one by using the How to create your own weapon bit bellow.
    3: Tell others to do step 1 or else the items using my mod will not work for them.

    To create your own weapon from the type list simply open the weaponfile "<weapon name>.activeitem" and change the lines to the ones below.

    "category" : "longsword", "rapier", "lance", or "scythe"

    "twoHanded" : false, - for the rapier, longsword and lance. true - for the scythe
    the "itemTags" can have "longsword" in the list or any of the other weapon types if you wish but you do not need to.
    the "animation" line must contain any from the list below;
    "animation" : "/items/active/weapons/melee/longsword/combolongsword.animation",
    "animation" : "/items/active/weapons/melee/rapier/comborapier.animation",
    "animation" : "/items/active/weapons/melee/lance/lance.animation",
    "animation" : "/items/active/weapons/melee/scythe/scythea.animation", or scytheb.animation (a is the one the bloodscytheused and b uses the elementaltypes)

    the "primaryAbilityType" must contain one of the following from the list bellow to its corosponding weapon type;
    "longsword" - "primaryAbilityType" : "longswordcombo",
    "rapier" - "primaryAbilityType" : "rapiercombo",
    "lance" - "primaryAbilityType" : "lancestab",
    "scyther" - "primaryAbilityType" : scythecombo",

    That should be it. If you still need help making any weapons from the types in this mod please don' t dwadle and just ask.

    No you do not need to extract this mod and place in yours. You should just have to change the lines above like I mentioned.
    Oh and if your mod does use any of these parts you must have anyone who downloads your mod grab this one too.
    If anyone tries to use your mod and they go to obtain any weapon that uses one of my files they will get a generic item.

    Please do not take my hard work and pass it off as your own. You must get my permission to use my mod as part of
    another mod without simply having others grab my mod.If you take any of my files from my mod to use as in your own mod without my permission.
    That is not only stealing but it may also create problems for any othr modder that uses my mod, or player for that mater, as directed above.

    If you have any questions please feel free to post them.

    If anyone has any sprites for the second swing for the scythes I would love to use them. I suck at spriting and any help would be awesome. And of course credit will be given where credit is due.

    Link to the starbound forums version.http://community.playstarbound.com/threads/melee-weapon-types-longswords-and-more.123687/

    Update 1.0.1 ~ Changed the name of the mod and fixed up the description.
    Update 1.1.0 ~ Added "rapier" type and updated description.
    Update 1.2.0 ~ Added in random gen longswords and rapiers - Updated description.
    Update 1.3.0 ~ Added in scythes and lances. lance random gen - Updated description.

    If anyone has any questions please ask them either in the discussion section or in the steam workshop comment section. or if you have any ideas aswell. Any one with lua knowledge is welcome to help me make more weapon types as I am still trying to learn. Thank you for using this mod and Enjoy fighting with new weapons.


    20160904011642_1.jpg 20160904011645_2.jpg 20160910202547_1.jpg 20160910202556_1.jpg
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. phucvo
    Version: 1.3.0
    it's amazingly good, although there are not many weapons to choose