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Medical Potions 1.10 [Pleased Giraffe]

Craft your own very powerful Medical Potions.

  1. Glow Potion effect buff and Codex updated

    • Medical Potions Guide (Codex) has been updated. (Plant Fibre page)
    • The lighted area from Glow Potions has been greatly increased.
      Furthermore the color of the effect has been changed to the Xenon Backpack's color.
    • The following mods are now officially recommended for harvesting:
  2. Potion System Overhaul

    • Mod filesystem has been changed to *.modpak.
      This file now must be placed directly in the mods folder of Starbound instead of the whole folder.
      The path should looks like this: ..\Steam\steamapps\common\Starbound\giraffe_storage\mods\MedicalPotions_v1.09.modpak.
    • Potion system has been redesigned:
      • Monster Essences:
        • All monsters now drops the same (new) kind of Monster Essence.
        • The drop chance has been increased...
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  3. Update for Pleased Giraffe

    • Mod support for Starbound v. Pleased Giraffe has been updated.
      (minor changes)
  4. Minor changes

    • The glow effect of Glow Potions has been improved.
    • Minor changes to the Medical Cupboard to improve the compatibility with the Enhanced Storage mod.
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  5. Compatibility

  6. Slightly changes for finished stable update of Starbound

    • Medical Potions Manual and Medical Potions Guide have been optimized for the new font type of Starbound. (Line breaks)
    • The old mod version for Enraged Koala has been removed from the current download archive.
      (It can be still downloaded separately in the "Version History" on the mod forum page)
  7. Bug fixing

    • Fixed an issue that could show the Fossil Extractor in crafting stations while the checkbox "MATERIALS AVAILABLE" was marked.
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  8. Update for Beta v. Upbeat Giraffe [unstable]

    • Compatibility to "Starbound Beta v. Upbeat Giraffe" [unstable] has been added.
    • The whole Medical Potions Mod has been redesigned completely.
    • Sorting system of all crafting stations has been improved.
    • New crafting stations and objects have been added:
      • Medical Potions Station - craftable in the Iron Crafting Table, and can be used to craft equipment.
      • Ingredient Extractor - extracts materials from crops, and can be used to craft new ingredients for...
  9. Compatibility update

    • Compatibility to the newest Starbound update with the changed pak format has been added. This version works for Enraged Koala and its unstable right now.
  10. Added a seperate mod version for Starbound Unstable

    • Updated the combatibility to unstable Starbound versions. There are two mod versions (Enraged Koala and Unstable Beta) in the zip archive right now.