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Mecharachnid Mk. II v2.3 (p1.2)

Defeat the fearsome Mecharachnid to claim it for yourself! (It's a spider tank)

  1. Patch 1.2

    Updated for new patch.
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  2. Update Fix

    Just fixes
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  3. Regen block returns

    Returned the healing block status effect to the boss fight, and dropped the health pool a bit. All the attacks are pretty well telegraphed, so with some mobility techs the player should have a difficult but doable fight.
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  4. 1.0 Update

    Updated for release. The Mecharachnid is a vehicle now, and you get the quest from the Penguin barkeep.
  5. Text Fix

    Fixed inaccurate AI text for some races.
  6. Bugfixes

    Fixed a problem with quest completion.
    Fixed issue where knock-backs could make the boss invincible.
    Fixed issue where the boss was not closing the door after killing the player, so they would be trapped if they came back and beat it.
  7. Glad Giraffe

    With the new animation system, the Mecharachnid is much nicer. No more floating legs, and dynamic chassis tilt.

    There's also a beta vehicle version. Try "/spawnvehicle mecharachnid" in admin mode. Needs integration with the vehicle spawn/despawn/repair system.
  8. Minor text fix

    Changed uranium reference to plutonium in the ai text. This still bugs me Chucklefish, just think for a moment of the half-lives involved here.
  9. Pleased Giraffe

    Fixes and updates. Slight rebalancing of boss and damages for Pleased Giraffe, but I'm not sure how much the energy costs might have changed.
  10. Manual drop from Boss

    As the tech quest wasn't dropping the instruction manual, and we can't go back on that, the boss will now drop a copy. Since you have to kill it again, note that for certain technical reasons it is extremely vulnerable to its own laser attack, which you now possess.
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