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Mech Overhaul 1.1.4

Primarily replaces the mech energy system with fuel powered mechs.

  1. Hotfix

    Fix for the annoying sound when using this with the NPC Mechs mod.
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  2. Fixed game breaking bug

    Turns out some patch that i uploaded recently could have broken mechs completely for the people first using this mod, that should be fixed now.
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  3. Bug fixes and fuel preview toggle

    -Fixed a potential chip breaking bug.
    -Fixed a bug where excess fuel would not get returned correctly.
    -Added a checkbox to toggle fuel change preview on the mech fuel interface.
  4. Fixed invisible quests

    - Invisible quests should now be invisible again.
    - Added compatibility for the upcoming NPC Mechs mod.
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  5. Fix for the unauthorised user bug

    Turns i out i derped really hard and forgot to modify a line on the code and that caused a bug that wouldn't let you use mechs, but it should work normally now.
  6. Fix for Starbound 1.4 and compatibility patches

    -The mod should now work with Starbound 1.4

    -The mod is now fully compatible with the Cosmetic Slots and Extended GUI mods
  7. Fixed bug where the player losed mech items

    Fixed a bug where the player would lose his/her mech items if they opened the mech loadouts screen before the mech assembly screen on the first playthrough with the mod.
  8. Bug fixes, balancing and new functionalities

    New Funcionalities

    Mech Mass:
    -Now mechs parts have mass based on the part stats, the higher the stats the more mass the part will have.
    -Mech part mass will be shown on the item tooltip.
    -Mechs will gain bonuses and penalties based on mass.
    A health bonus based on mass;
    A speed penalty up to 70% less speed based on mass;
    More energy drain up to 0.3 more based on mass;
    -All that info will be shown on the mech assembly interface.


  9. [1.0] Full realease

    -Tweaked some text on the interfaces and on the mech tutorial.
    -Changed space encounters drops to red color.
    -QuickbarMini now comes bundled with the mod, just extract everything on the zip to your mods folder.

    Just fixed some bugs and tweaked some things.
    As i said before i will just close this as a full realease, not sure if i'm going to add much more functionality in the future. But i AM thinking of adding "upgrades" that are equipped on the mech horn slot, but not sure, as Frackin'...
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  10. [0.3] Refinery & New fuel types


    -Added 2 new crafting objects: the Oil Distiller and the Fuel Refinery.
    -The Oil Distiller can be crafted using the level 2 Inventor's table.
    -The Fuel Refinery can be crafted using the level 3 Inventor's table.
    -You can use the...
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