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Mech Overhaul 1.1.4

Primarily replaces the mech energy system with fuel powered mechs.

  1. Bug fixes, balancing and new functionalities

    New Funcionalities

    Mech Mass:
    -Now mechs parts have mass based on the part stats, the higher the stats the more mass the part will have.
    -Mech part mass will be shown on the item tooltip.
    -Mechs will gain bonuses and penalties based on mass.
    A health bonus based on mass;
    A speed penalty up to 70% less speed based on mass;
    More energy drain up to 0.3 more based on mass;
    -All that info will be shown on the mech assembly interface.


    Mech Upgrade Modules:
    -Added several mech upgrade modules that can be equipped through the mech assembly interface.
    -Each module gives a bonus and penalty according to what it does, their descriptions are pretty self-explanatory.
    -You will always need to equipe a module slot expansion on the leftmost assembly interface slot, they come in 3 different sizes, one that unlocks the first module slot, one that unlocks the first 2 module slots and the last that unlocks all 3 upgrade slots.
    -Modules and slot expansions can be crafted by the mech crafting station on a new tab, you will start with the recipe for all module slot expansions but you have to find the recipes for the actual modules on space encounters like all other mech part recipes.


    -A brand new interface on the quickbar: the Mech Loadouts.
    -Through that interface you can change your mech's loadouts.
    -A loadout is a set of items that are equipped on your mech that you can change with the click of a button on the mech loadouts screen (there are 3 loadouts availiable).
    -You can't change loadouts when your mech is deployed.

    Balance changes:

    Fuel changes;
    -The fuel ratios are update as follows:
    Liquid erchius is now worth 0.9 fuels;
    Solid erchius is now worth 1.8 fuels;
    Unrefined fuel is now worth 2 fuels;
    Mech fuel is now worth 4 fuels;
    -Manual flight no longer uses double the fuel drain as normally.
    -Fuel catalyst recipe now gives 5 items instead of only 1.

    Bug fixes:

    -Fixed crashes that happened when mech build was incomplete.
    -Fixed a bug where mech health would not reset in some cases.
    -Fixed crash that sometimes happened if you warped with the mech fuel tank interface open.
    -Fixed some arm animations bugs that sometimes happened when mech energy runned out.
    -Fixed a bug where you could get free mech fuel by placing unrefined fuel on the ground.
    -Now if you mix unrefined fuel and refined fuel in an enclosed space all that fuel will turn to unrefined fuel.
    -Fixed a bug where items were swapping instead of adding on some interfaces.
    -Fixed some text across the mod.

    Pontential bug fixes coming in the future.
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