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Maverick-Hunters MMX 11.0.3

Featuring Armors, Techs (Ride Armors, Zero- and X-"Modes") and Weapons of the MMX/Z/ZX games

  1. The quest of the bugfixes of the quest

    Fixes provided by SacredCaedeus and chronosv2:

    - Fixed the annoying MMX Tech quest error messages which were caused by some broken/unused content atm.

    - Axl has been removed.
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  2. Fix of the evil error message

    Fixes provided by SacredCaedeus and chronosv2:
    - fixed a bunch of evil error message popping up in the log. D:
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  3. Return of the Summer Reploid

    Thanks to SacredCaedeus and chronosv2 who will bring back the mod to it's former glory and who made the current release possible.

    - Removed all current broken stuff (but it's still in the pak). You'll be able to build decorative stuff and and wear fancy amor in this version.
  4. Alpha Update for Starbound 1.1

    - works with 1.1
    - Z mode, ride chaser and armor is currently not available.
    - X mode upgrade system revamped
    - some X mode weapons don't work (launch octopus weapons (grey) and charged sting chamelion shot (green) does nothing but make you flash in fancy colors)
    - all craftable weapons of the mod are not available in this version


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  5. Fixed broken stuff again. Mod should work now without any issues

    - Fixed Model Z treasure pool bug (caused the player to be teleported off the planet and was not able to teleport back - with the new version you will be able to teleport back to the planet again)
    - Fixed sword positions.
    - Fixed missing buster sounds.
    - Fixed sword damage types (hitting stuff caused a crash)
    - Fixed not being able to finishing quests.
  6. The real update.

    Sorry, wrong file. This is the correct one with the fixed rare metal drops.
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  7. Glad Giraffe - Update 1 (December 8, 2015) compability patch

    - Fixed broken mod
    - Changed some stuff
    - Axl has been removed.

    Sorry for the delay and have fun!
  8. Pleased Giraffe Update

    - Works now with pleased giraffe.
  9. Spirited Giraffe Update - small UI update

    - Made sure no one will ever miss the "your char save will disappear if you load your char with the mod active and deactivate the mod until you activate the mod again".
    - Axl has been removed.
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  10. Spirited Giraffe Update - Capsule bosses fix

    - Fixed capsule bosses >.>
    - Axl have been removed.

    9.2.0 changelog:
    - Fixed Boss capsules
    - Fixed Ride Chaser Bike
    - First balancing efforts for Zero and X tech:
    - The damage of the Zero tech scales now with his protection value (armor) instead of the maximum energy pool value.
    - The X Tech damage is now calculated more effective.
    (please provide feedback for both techs, at which tier armor things getting imbalanced etc.)
    - Added a new "empty tech" (including a new quest to get the tech)...