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Maverick-Hunters MMX 11.0.3

Featuring Armors, Techs (Ride Armors, Zero- and X-"Modes") and Weapons of the MMX/Z/ZX games

  1. Crystan
    Please don't upload this mod or its assets somewhere else - it's a Chucklefish Mod Database exclusive mod! For further Information check the permissions section at the bottom of this page. If you're interested in fixing parts of the mod, more information is available here:


    If you want to support us, please check our other projects out:


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Please, read atleast the red, blue and yellow marked parts, thanks.

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    The incredible people who are fixing the mod:


    Due to changes in the starbound lua API, it is impossible to use any objects in tech mode for now. It's hardcoded and I can't fix it.

    You need to assign special mod keys in the key bindings menu.
    If you feature our mod in a review or a video, send us the link and we'll add it here!

    This mod adds equipment (nothing has been ripped out of the original games, everything have been remade) of the Rock/MegaMan X games (including Z/ZX) to honor this great game franchise.

    We won't add anything from the other games Series (Legend, Classic, Starforce etc.) - no matter how hard you beg, sorry!

    The following list contains all features/items that are currently not functional due to the massive changes of the SB code and the limited time of the mod authors:

    X Tech, Zero Tech, Ridechaser Tech, Ride Armor Tech, all mod weapons (busters, swords), boss fights.


    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    (currently not ingame)
    (currently not ingame)


    Alternate Mod DL (v10.0.4):
    Not Available



    I suggest to create a new character for the mod to prevent issues with saves.

    The damage output of the techs are based on your stats.
    X-Mode: Your maximum energy pool
    Z-Mode: Your current protection (armor) value

    The Z and X Modes are useable while mounting a vehicle - this can cause some weird behavior.


    (currently not ingame)







    Unzip the MMX modpak into your starbound/mods/ folder.
    Make sure the modpak is NOT in a subfolder of the mods folder.

    If you update to a new version, uninstall the old version before installing the new version.

    Not possible to use the modded save without the mod - read the text between the huge blinking warning signs.

    Blueprint List

    Zero's Armors
    Zero's Hair
    Z Buster (currently not ingame)

    Model Omega:
    Omega's Armor
    Zero's Resistance Gun (currently not ingame)
    Ciel Outfit and Hairs

    Model ZX:
    ZX Armor
    ZX Saber (currently not ingame)
    ZX Buster (currently not ingame)
    Giro Express Red Outfit

    Model Z:
    Model Z Armor
    Giro's Hair and Visor

    Model X:
    Model X Armor
    Ashes Hairs
    Ailes Hairs
    Ailes/Vent Giro Express Blue Outfit

    Model PX:
    Model PX Armor
    Kunai (currently not ingame)

    Model LX:
    Model LX Armor

    Model HX:
    Model HX Armor
    HX Wings
    HX Sword (currently not ingame)

    Model FX:
    FX Armor
    FX Buster
    Back Weapons FX (currently not ingame)

    Natural Armor:
    Natural, Falcon, Hermes, MMX8 Ultimate Armor
    Online Helmet
    Cinnamon Armor
    Axl Gun (currently not ingame)
    MMX Bed
    Cinnamon Spawner (currently not ingame)
    Alias Armor
    Alias Hair
    Layers Hair

    Glide Armor
    X Buster MK8 (currently not ingame)

    Shadow Armor
    Blade Armor
    Shadow Buster (currently not ingame)
    X Buster MK7 (currently not ingame)

    Falcon Armor
    Falcon Wings
    Gaea Armor
    X Buster MK5 (currently not ingame)

    Force Armor
    X Buster MK4 (currently not ingame)

    Third Armor
    X Buster MK3 (currently not ingame)

    Second Armor
    X Buster MK2 (currently not ingame)

    First Armor
    X Buster MK1 (currently not ingame)

    X's Standard Armor
    X Buster (currently not ingame)


    Tutorial and Showcase video by Aquamanic4
    Make sure you checkout his other SB videos!
    (this video is based on the outdated version Version 6.X)

    Thank you very very much for that video! Its Awesome!

    Version 9.X.X

    If you feature our mod in a review video, send us the link and we'll add it here!​

    Version 6.X

    Version 4.0

    Version 3.0

    Eagle Ride Armor (currently not ingame)


    X4 Ride Chaser (currently not ingame)


    Construction Capsule
    Use this to construct all the items in the mod!
    Use the player craft menu (Default key: C ) to craft this object.
    (items prices are temporary and will change in the future)

    Bio-Metal Capsule
    Use this to to craft Blueprints-Objects.
    Use the Construction Capsule to craft this object.

    Capsule Bed

    (Vanity Sets)



    ...and even more!

    Animated Hair!



    (currently not ingame)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]





    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    MMX Addon for @Errors4l Spawnable Item Pack available on his modpage.​


    • Fix the broken stuff :D
    The X-Buster and the muzzle effects are overlapped by the front hand - There's nothing I can do about this - It's a (hopefully) temporarily engine limitation.

    (It's a godsend for the SB modding community)

    Thanks to:
    and everyone who helped in the irc starbound mod channel.​

    Crystan's recommended mods:

    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Do not include this mod in compilations.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    Do not alter or redistribute the assets included in this mod.

Recent Reviews

  1. Mills
    Version: 11.0.3
    I'm using this with a few other Mega Man mods from Steam and it's really fun going around as X. If you ever come back it would be great to see it updated or at least uploaded to steam.
  2. yhgghdg
    Version: 11.0.3
    work on this again
  3. otami
    Version: 11.0.3
    cool(i want weapons)
  4. maxzmey
    Version: 11.0.3
    I understand the mod is dead, no news, updates, etc., all that we have at the moment in the latest version is only decor armor and furniture, sorry.
  5. BarsikGOD
    Version: 11.0.3
  6. likiro404
    Version: 11.0.0 Alpha
  7. SilverCatChuckles?
    Version: 11.0.0 Alpha
    Really nice concept sad to see it was abandoned
  8. Thedudeguy
    Version: 11.0.0 Alpha
    It is awesome
  9. Naz909
    Version: 11.0.0 Alpha
    Great mod but the real things that we all want are disabled or just not implemented yet. And Im talking about X/Z/ZX Busters, Z-Sabers and bosses (Because we cant craft summoning items). I don't really care for Techs right now so pls, make these work (If they do enlighten me how to use them)
  10. Lucascoronel
    Version: 11.0.0 Alpha
    Please, update the mod for the 1.3