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Outdated Matter Modulator 2013-12-16

Converts Materials

  1. Fora
    The Matter Modulator provides basic matter conversion, and is crafted from smelting 20 iron bars in a furnace. How this happens is unknown, however I assure you it works. Some key features are: Metal Decimation Multplication: The conversion from Small amounts of Precious metals to Large amounts of Common Metals. (Currently Supporting Gold -> 2 Silver, Silver -> 2 Iron, Iron -> 2 Copper); Ethanol Production: Corn Converted to Ethanol, a Fuel; And Wood from Dirt Reclaimation: By processing large amounts of decaying plant matter from the dirt, the Matter Modulator produces wooden planks, and from there, the planks may be converted back into logs. It looks like a dripping blue Furnace.


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