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Outdated Matter Manipulator Plus (new manipulators for each pickaxe tier) 1.3

Provides a full set of upgradable Mass Manipulators, in parallel to the normal pickaxes.

  1. Skrypt
    Version: 1.3
    Great Mod.

    I noticed your matter manipulators don't destroy blocks at the same rate as their pickaxe equivalents.

    I tweaked your mod a tad by modifying the fireRate for each type:
    - Stone) 0.112
    - Copper) 0.082
    - Silver) 0.06
    - Gold) 0.047
    - Platinum) 0.04
    - Diamond) 0.033

    This was done in the spirit of making them equal to the pickaxes and decentivizing carrying pickaxes because they are a little faster (The entire premise of this mod correct?). Would like to see your official mod reflect this.

    If we want to balance the power a bit, I'd suggest decreasing the fireRate depending on how far away the blocks you are trying to destroy. Ex:
    - Blocks right next to you = same rate as pickaxe
    - Each block farther away = 10% decrease in fireRate

    Final note, I noticed that if a matter manipulator makes contact with a painted block (but without destroying it) it will remove its painted color. Is there a way we can prevent this from happening?

    Awesome mod! Keep it up!
  2. yk999
    Version: 1.3