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Outdated Master Spark! 3/19/14

Who needs warhammers when you have LASERS?

  1. Now with 7350% more balance!

    All ten Mini-Hakkero tiers have been balanced to the best of my ability. With the matching armor set, each Mini-Hakkero will fire continuously for about 5-6 seconds, and will kill a normal monster in the same tier in about 1-1.5 seconds. Mining-Hakkeros are the same as before.

    Every item now has an actual recipe! Mini-Hakkeros can be upgraded with 10 bars and some money, and Mining-Hakkeros can be upgraded with 30 bars and some more money. In total, it will take 7350 pixels to make an Impervium Mini-Hakkero, and 7750 pixels to make a Diamond Mining-Hakkero. Don't forget, they're all one-handed! Oh, and all the recipes are in the Anvil now, rather than by hand.
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