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Maple 32 1.4.4

Adds the Nuu Species and a bunch of dungeons, as well as some biome types.

  1. Lemon drops
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    Maple 32 originally was just an experiment, but I ended up getting attatched to it, and added a bunch of content.


    Races and Dungeons

    Adds the gloomy subterranean survivors of the Nuu, along with related foods, clothes, armors, mechs, weapons, dungeons, encounters, and tennants. (playable)

    A Nuu themed dynamic FTL drive that comes built into Nuu player ships.

    Adds the enlightended desert warriors of the Glutt, along with related foods, armors, dungeons, and tennants. (not playable)

    200+ dungeons, microdungeons, and encounters, some of which are space dungeons and encounters. Find them all!


    Planets, Moons, and Underground Biomes:

    Bioindustrial: Bioengineered flora on this planet type keep this planet alive, filtering the atmosphere, as crumbling automated refineries pump water from deep within the earth. The inhabitants of these planets have also taken advantage of the ancient automatic refineries, making these planets home to a variety of contemporary industrial operations.

    Aeolian: A frozen hellworld, blasted by severe storms. Bad storms on these planet types can overwhelm your cold EPP, requiring you to hide underground until the storm passes. Deep underground is the most interesting part of this planet.

    Thrashed: An oceanic planet, in constant turmoil. The Frequent and extreme electrical storms make your chance of getting hit by lightning significantly increase. Diving deep underwater will keep you safe during these storms. If you are playing as Nuu, you will have to go here to mine magnetin rock, as it is required for all Nuu exclusive weapons.

    Shattered: A planet that was blown apart to extract minerals. Those brave enough to go here will find an abundance of high-tier ore on floating islands. A unique tree is found here.

    Safe Moon: This moon has no erchius, and no ghost. The perfect place to build your moon base, among the astrofae, or to go mine for low tier ore unhindered by underground enemies.

    Verdurous: These planets, due to an unusually high nitrate content in the rocks, are completely covered by trees as big as skyscrapers. A dense canopy prevents most light forom reaching the true surface. Here you will not encounter much in terms of wildlife, with the exception of headhunter bees.

    Aquiferous ocean: A vast underground ocean. Nuu prefer to live in this environment, and some Hylotl also live here.

    Aquiferous arctic: Like aquiferous oceans, but colder, less full of life, and brimming with crystals.

    Subterranean seafloor: The benthic layer of an underground ocean. Ambrite crystal is found between the hydrothermal vents and forgotten ruins.


    Flora and Fauna:

    Magma swamp trees, found on shattered planets, drop magma swamp gas when chopped down.

    Pelletfern plants can be found on thrashed planets. They drop sweet berries and stalks when harvested, and can be partially submerged.

    Tiny plants can be found in some dungeons. They are a seasoning herb required for some recipes.

    Funkgus mushrooms are large greenish mushrooms that grow underground. When harvested or broken, they explode into a cloud of toxic spores. They drop bio samples and toxic waste when harvested.

    Noosefruit are a dangling fruit at the end of a vine, reminiscent of a head on the end of a rope. They must be planted on a tilled ceiling.

    Gloom Shrooms come in multiple colors of purple, brown, and black. They Were the staple crop of the Nuu before the famine. They only grow at night.

    Shredroot plants grow on vertical surfaces. They must be planted on tilled walls.

    Headhunter bees are not bees exactly, but fill a similar role in the biosphere. They are almost as loud as they are aggressive, so stay away! They have very poor vision, meaning you must get close to alert them. They are almost completely impervious to physical attacks, but are weak to fire, ice, poison, and electric attributes. They sometimes drop nectar when killed.

    Beepbot variants, droppy and naper are robotic enemy types found on bioindustrial worlds.



    Edits the swamp water description to 'did something just brush past my leg?' for no reason.

    Some groovy lights only craftable at pixel printer.

    A new windmill that has 3 wire outputs: 1=no wind, 2=yes wind, 3=more wind than the maximum turning speed.

    A village hag tennant will come to a building with 2 villagehag objects, 2 spooky objects, 4 nature objects, along with a door and light.

    Other stuff too but I am getting lazy.


    NOTE: The following is not finished yet:

    Content not enabled by default:

    Glutt race can be enabled for play by removing the slashes in <Maple32/interface/windowconfig/charcreation.config.patch>

    Apex warzone dungeons do not spawn, but they are in the files. These had too much performance problems so I just canned them.



    reimelselhoi#8686 made a now unused wind background track from aeolian planets.


    Dependancies:\n\nPlaceable Dynamic FTL Drive\n\nhttps://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1340754681



    Join us on the discord server:\nhttps://discord.gg/wYzSBCRetD

    Have fun :)
    Mod Pack Permissions:
    Anyone can use this mod in their mod compilation without the author's consent.
    Mod Assets Permissions:
    You must get the author's consent before altering/redistributing any assets included in this mod.

Recent Updates

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  2. Terrain Generation Update
  3. Verdurous Update

Recent Reviews

  1. Lumpy109
    Version: 1.4.4
    I appreciate the effort you've put into this mod and recommend you keep it up, but might I recommend a big bug fix update instead of many small updates that fixes issues individually? I say this because I got spammed with the updates in my notifications, it's not really an issue, more like a heads up that it may annoy some people, but again, it doesn't annoy me. Keep it up, this mod has been AMAZING so far!! :D
  2. Batukahunoncu
    Version: 1.4.4
    hello friend is this mod have armors too? or are you gonna add in future
    1. Lemon drops
      Author's Response
      There are armors for the Nuu species but not Glutt, as they are not implemented yet.
  3. Armok
    Version: 1.4.4
    a wonderful mod with excellent dungeons, good lore, and a fleshed out race or two to boot!