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Manufacturer's Touch 1.2.16

Weapons manufacturers now have an effect on randomly generated weapons.

  1. 1.0 Hotfix 1

    Fix an error where NPC melee weapons would spawn as perfectly generic items.
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  2. 1.0 Update

    The update we've all been waiting for, even though I spent way too much time on petty issues.

    • Melee weapons are done! All of the guns manufacturers, except for Graxus, make melee weapons, and Teklacki weapons are finally introduced.
    • Weapon names are now colored. There are 4 options available: color weapon name to match the rarity, color weapon name to match the prefix, color prefix name, and no color. Thanks AlbertoRota for helping with this!
    • Callox weapon's fire...
  3. Update 0.9.1

    Fixes an issue where physical assault rifles with the explosive burst alt ability would spawn as perfectly generic items.