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Manufacturer's Touch 1.2.16

Weapons manufacturers now have an effect on randomly generated weapons.

  1. Hotfix 1.2.13


    This update mainly just adds options for modders.
    • Callox: Added more variation in the tier prefixes
    Modder's Options
    • Using a table [ "", "", ... ] instead of a string for a manufacturer prefix will cause the prefix to be randomly selected
    • Added a number of options for weapons to disable specific manufacturer effects. These keys are stored within an object in the .activeitem file with the name "manufacturerConfig"
    • "disableNamePrefixRemoval" : true will prevent the beginning part of a name from being removed
    • "disablePrefixAdding" : true will prevent the tier prefix from being added to the weapon
    • "disableNameColoring" : true will prevent the name's color from being changed
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