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Manufacturer's Touch 1.2.16

Weapons manufacturers now have an effect on randomly generated weapons.

  1. Hotfix 1.2.5

    This update fixes compatibility with the latest FU update, and makes allowing new manufacturers for custom weapons easier.


    Manaticon sniper rifles now use custom barrel sprites.

    • Weapon names are now corrected with Lua, rather than through a JSON patch. This prevents extra long, strange names with mods that add new prefixes are loaded after this mod.
    • Critical stats for FU are now corrected. Before, they used an older calculation that was no longer used by FU. In addition, the stats actually display again.
    • FU weapons with three-line descriptions will no longer overlap with weapon stats.
    • Alt abilities now use one of the default versions if the weapon's element isn't supported for it. This means that you can add new alt abilities to a weapon without worrying if that alt ability has explosive, shadow, radioactive, etc. support.
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