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Outdated Mantis Race 0.6.7 [Spirited Giraffe]

A race of paleontologist insects bent on unravelling the secrets of the universe.

  1. Mantis Race Update 0.6.7 - "Teleporter Hotfix"

    + Fixed Crash To Desktop with Spirited Giraffe and the Ship Teleporter

    (I haven't tested this update extensively, there may still be some issues with Spirited Giraffe, let me know if you notice anything!)
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  2. Mantis Race Update 0.6.6 - "668 Hotfix"

    + Fixed Crash To Desktop with Latest Update 668
    + Fixed Recipes and Resource Requirements for Weapons
    + Fixed Tech Screen for Radiation, Oxygen, Heat, and Cold
    + Fixed Resinberry Crop (still need to test)
  3. Mantis Race Update 0.6.5 - "The New Ship"

    + Added New Ship Design (no large ships yet, but soon to come)
    + Added New Terminals/Shiplocker/Chair in Ship
    + Added New S.A.I.L Artificial Intelligence
    + Added Mining Laser Starter Weapon

    + Fixed Tech Gear Screen
    + Fixed Issue with Grunt Sounds
    + Fixed Amber Block Graphic
    + Edited Mantis Flag (still subject to change)

    - Removed Mantis NPC Spawner Craftability (for now)
  4. Mantis Race Update 0.6

    + Added Upbeat Giraffe compatibility
    - Temporarily replaced Mantis ship with Floran ship for compatibility reasons

    (it is very likely that there are some bugs in this update that need to be worked out)
  5. Mantis Race Update 0.5.2

    + Fixed Worldgen file allowing for Mantis Dig Site to spawn villagers properly
    + Added a lot of Main Races to Mantis Dialogue
    + Added a little bit of Mantis to Main Races Dialogue
  6. Mantis Race Update 0.5.1

    + Now with 200% more Enraged Koala
  7. Mantis Race Update 0.5

    + Added Eye Color Slider with 5 Options (more to come, possibly eye shape as well)
    Added Tiers 8-10 Spear
    + Added Tiers 6-10 Hammer
    + Revamped Tiers 1-6 Shortsword

    The weapons I added have temporary names as placeholders until I can come up with better ones. Some of the old weapon names are temporary as well.
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  8. Mantis Race Update 0.4.4

    + Simple hotfix for villager.npctype (no more crashing, and no more unpopulated dig sites!)
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  9. Mantis Race Update 0.4.3

    + Added Craftable Pith Hat (all credit to Mr. Foxer and his mod)
    Added Discoverer Starter Set
    + Added 1 Shirt Color (black)
    + Removed Professor Set from Starter Selection (it's still craftable)
    + Created Additional Namegen Options
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  10. Mantis Race Update 0.4.2

    + Added Explorer Hat to Spinning Wheel (Indiana Jones Fedora)
    + Fixed Explorer Clothing Icons
    + Fixed Adventurer Clothing Icons
    + Added Apex to Mantis Dialogue
    + Added Avian to Mantis Dialogue
    + Added Human to Mantis Dialogue
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