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MannCoStoreMod MannCo Crates and You

Add Tf2 items to starboud

  1. Mannconomy update

    This modifies for the better, the hat abilities mostly buffs and comment on what you think of the New page design. I was aiming for a more "professional" look and feel of tf2.
  2. Carribean Conquerer

    -Forgot to mention the addition of the Caribbean conqueror and also changed its price
    Id also like to mention a GREAT THANKS to all you guys who have rated and downloaded your rating keep me going :love: I mean never would I have thought my 1st mod would be a 5 <3star one thx for your support
  3. Ubermench Update

    After much agonizing work I bring You THIS! :coffee:This Uber up date adds Medic apparel , HHH head, Medi Gun, Medic pack, and syringe gun
    The medi gun heals a lot more then it dmgs so in other words it does not dmg...
  4. Small Mandate

    I have redesigned the Manco store ui :seriously:, added the (satans tool):devil: the mini sentry, and have added the :lickitung:Sanvich to manco store aaaaannnd a version of the centurion with the pyro mask Also my mod is now to big for the normal upload for the forums page so now the download will be at mediafire
  5. Small fixes

    Nothing big just minor fixes
  6. Request

    Add heavy vest and heavy pants + the ghastly gibus
  7. Need More Gun

    I felt bad not updating my mod for a while so here this! :party:In this update I have added :poke: TF2 Sentries and Robo crate storage box for all you MannCo Goods and the sentries come with custom sounds
    -lv1 sentry has been added
    -lv2 sentry has been added
    - Robo crate storage box added...
  8. Mmph!

    Pyroset.jpg This small update adds the :rip: haunted hat :casper: and pyro suit :fireball:
  9. Im not ded

    :proper:This update add the volcano fragment axe which is so realistic its scary :disguise: the bottle of scrumpeh the holy mackerel :fishbowl: and the demo man vest


    1. tf2 mod pic.png
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  10. minor changes

    Not important just a one recipe changes
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