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Makeshift Multiplayer 0.3.7

A temporary solution.

  1. Proper connection UI and bugfixes.

    Added mode selection screens and stuff, so the game doesn't and you need to do those dialog boxes.
    Probably fixed IPv6 connection errors.
    Mostly fixed CC completion not syncing.
    Most likely fixed some NPC update spam.
    Hopefully fixed some animal issues.
    Hopefully fixed some weird bugs.
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  2. Lag fix attempt.

    See title.

    I think it was mainly latency related, but hopefully this will fix the framerate aspect of it. Hard for me to know for sure though, since I can't reproduce it myself.
  3. Fixed clients freezing once the game starts.

    Fixed clients freezing once the game starts.
  4. Bugfixes.

    Fixed the host still multiplying pets.
    Hopefully fixed weird thing possibly related to other players not moving or something?
    Fix ghost farmers (typically on clients, from the host).
    Seemingly fixed clients being in walls if the host has a smaller house size.
    Fixed secret forest stardrop bug.
    Remove some debug text.
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  5. Animals, buildings, bugfixes.

    Hopefully fixed tier 1 loading marriage house thing?
    Fixed animal affection not going up for non-host actions.
    Hopefully fixed two people opening a chest at the same time.
    Fixed opening chat during eating a stardrop causing the stardrop to not take effect.
    Hopefully fixed leftover pet multiplication.
    Fixed stuff not updating for other people inside farm buildings.
    Maybe fixed some post-festival console spam?
    Made farm hay (silo contents) sync.
    Hopefully fixed client NPCs sometimes getting...
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  6. Bugfixes.

    Hopefully fixed pet multiplication. Existing multiplied pets will stay though.
    Hopefully "patched" the bug with clients going into buildings sometimes. Things might look funny though
    * I believe this fixes the weird location after events too.
    Hopefully fixed framerate lag when other person is moving?
    Fixed player's image persisting after they disconnect.
    Fixed "weird debris" spam, and some items not showing for everyone.
    Fixed trees not turning into stumps and stuff for everyone.
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  7. Somewhat critical bug fix and small co-op change.

    Fixed save loading incorrectly when loading without all players that have played on the file.
    Made it so that mine data (deepest level, 20 increment chest opened, etc.) isn't shared. (Older versions just used the host data, so a client getting to 25 wouldn't be able to use the elevator to 25 the next day if the host hadn't gotten that far.)
  8. Another crash fix attempt + one that isn't completely fixed but has more debug info.

    Fixed server crashing shortly after losing all clients.
    Hopefully keeps the client crash from happening, although they can't access the location from that caused it. So not actually fixed yet. Prints more debug info for me.
    Fixed getting placed wrongly after events (although that may be a new bug?).
  9. Another crash fix attempt, and some other fixes.

    Attmpted to fix weird location error/crash.
    Fixed community center update error.
    Fixed junimo NPC update spam.
    Fixed clients getting stuck in top-left corner of house in day 2+.
    Fixed clients not getting next-day stuff, like new mail.
    Fixed sometimes crashing after a disconnect.
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  10. Another crash fix attempt

    Different crash than last time. I hate bugs I can't reproduce.