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Makeshift Multiplayer 0.3.7

A temporary solution.

  1. Bugfixes.

    (@blommers) Added saving last used IP/port.
    Hopefully fixed IPv6.
    Fixed bats keeping clients from saving.
    Hopefully fixed weird compression crash?
    Attempted fix for farmer sprite error.
    Patch to help with mods adding locations. (Probably still broken though.)
    Probably fixed different house sizes making someone wake up in the wall.
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  2. Hopefully fixed wilderness farm client day transition.

  3. Hopeful bugfixes

    Fixed loading married files in singleplayer.
    Hopefully fixed engagement issues.
    Added debug info for clients sleeping to next day to soon.
    Hopefully fixed hosts sometimes crashing when ^.
    Hopefully fixed crashing when a bad character is in the chat.
    Hopefully fixed not going ot the festival at the same time causing being stuck in the top left corner.
  4. Fixed for 1.11 and optimizations/fixes.

    Recompiled for 1.11.
    (@kennux) Disabled nagle's algorithm. (Latency improvement)
    (@kennux) Compress world packets. (Faster connection + next day transition.)
    Fixed removing from shipping bin not syncing.
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  5. Fixed the host hanging during second day save.

  6. 1.1 and some stuff.

    Basic support for SDV 1.1.
    Fixed club coins and museum books not syncing.
    Fixed some stuff related to other player houses (and now cellars).
  7. Fixed clients getting stuck in between days.

    Fixed clients getting stuck in between days.
  8. Bugfixes.

    Hopefully fixed the remnants of the connection bug, and didn't re-break it for others.
    Fixed permanent broken animation from carrying items + moving.
    Fixed hotbar changes not properly broadcasting to other players.
    Fixed "holding edible" animation causing permanent broken animation. (It doesn't show up for others though.)
  9. Another file used by another process fix attempt.

    Another file used by another process fix attempt.
  10. Less-broken 0.2.0

    Increased IP/port text box width.
    Fixed non-English crashing when it shouldn't.
    Implemented better error handling for the connection UI.
    Hopefully fixed the process opened file thingy.
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