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Makeshift Multiplayer 0.3.7

A temporary solution.

  1. Updated for SMAPI 2.0.

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  2. More bugfixes.

    Fixed steam friend connections of more than 1 user.
    Probably fixed crashing when connection is lost for clients.
    A couple of other things I don't remember.
  3. Even more bugfixes.

    Fix for clients freezing before reaching the second day.
    Fixes for Mono.
    Maybe fixed another bug or two relating to listening.
    Prevent a crash from occuring when something goes wrong setting up a farmer.
    Possibly fix returning to title menu.
    Prevent a bunch of error spam from children.
    Some fix relating to locations owned by other players.
  4. Attempted bug fixes and edge case scenarios.

    Attempted mono fix.
    Attempted to better unstuck players.
    Added a few commands for edge case scenarios.
    More debug output for disappearing stuff.
  5. Bugfixes and tweaks.

    Prevent crashing when Steamworks is missing.
    Probably fix crash when the host loses connection from a client.
    Hopefully fix starting when a client is in the middle of joining.
    Possibly fix some non-co-op building stuff.
    Fixed a case where dating is apparently still shared?
    Maybe fix LAN discovery possibly sometimes continuing after the host starts.
    Fixed a potential LAN discovery crash case..
    Made dark talisman be synced.
    Disabled saving other player locations to our file. (Allows saves to...
  6. Fixed host getting stuck on saving if items are shipped.

  7. Fixes.

    (Reupload of 0.3.1, without my config file turning co-op off.)
    Hopefully workaround 1.2 save corruption.
    Hopefully fix Steam joining host freeze.
  8. Added some connection things, and fixes.

    Added Steam friend direct connection.
    Added LAN discovery.
    Show some connection information on the host screen.

    Hopefully make hosting work on Mac/Linux?
    Fixed failed client connections loading the game anyways.

    Made non-coop mode available as a config option. Untested, use at your own risk!
  9. Probably fixed a crash when there are duplicate NPCs.

  10. Updated for SMAPI 1.9, and some other changes.

    Updated for SMAPI 1.9.
    (@avarisc) Fixed a chest desync for 3+ players.
    (@avarisc) Added resource clump destruction sync.
    Fixed dating status being shared.
    Implemented syncing for moving a building.