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Makeshift Multiplayer 0.3.7

A temporary solution.

  1. Bugfixes and tweaks.

    Prevent crashing when Steamworks is missing.
    Probably fix crash when the host loses connection from a client.
    Hopefully fix starting when a client is in the middle of joining.
    Possibly fix some non-co-op building stuff.
    Fixed a case where dating is apparently still shared?
    Maybe fix LAN discovery possibly sometimes continuing after the host starts.
    Fixed a potential LAN discovery crash case..
    Made dark talisman be synced.
    Disabled saving other player locations to our file. (Allows saves to be loaded in vanilla without playing again in SP with the mod for a day.)
    Change packet listing to be configurable (None/Filtered/All, default Filtered). Filtered just removes listing a couple packets that are very spammy and generally unhelpful.
    Made packet listing more informative.
    Added a bunch of debug output to hopefully figure out why saves don't show with Mono.
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